Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy - Sydney Community College

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy

General policy

Sydney Community College considers the health, safety and welfare of all persons employed by the organisation and those affected by our operations to be of the utmost importance. Accordingly, Sydney Community College and the Sydney Centre for Workplace Training is committed to ensuring that the workplace is safe and without risk to the health safety and welfare of all our staff, our contractors and our customers.

People are our most important asset and their health and safety our greatest responsibility. Accordingly, it is the mutual objective of managers and staff to actively promote the maintenance of a work environment free from harm. Sydney Community College will provide the necessary funding and resources to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk of harm to any person working in or entering the workplace.

Work Health and Safety responsibilities

Responsibilities of the College

The management of Sydney Community College assumes responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of staff and others in the workplace by:

  • Setting up a system for finding, reporting and fixing all actual and potential hazards related to Sydney Community College's work processes;
  • Providing, purchasing, and maintaining plant and equipment that is free from hazards;
  • Making sure all systems of work used are safe and meet or exceed minimum safety standards
  • Making sure time and resources are allocated to provide adequate information, training and supervision for all staff;
  • Consulting with staff on all issues involving health and safety;
  • Ensuring a qualified Food Safety Supervisor is on staff to provide guidance on procedures for courses related to food preparation;
  • Providing First Aid trained staff at all sites;
  • Reviewing and improving Sydney Community College’s WHS program annually;
  • Ensuring our policy, procedures and actions in regard to emergency evacuation are comprehensive, clearly stated and observed.

Responsibilities of Employees and Students

All persons in the workplace have responsibilities in relation to WHS. The responsibilities of Sydney Community College employees and students include:

  • Following safe work practices and all WHS rules;
  • Not misusing or interfering with anything provided in the interest of health and safety;
  • Wearing and maintaining personal protective equipment supplied;
  • Reporting all hazards and encouraging others to maintain a workplace free from harm;
  • Actively participating in WHS training programs and emergency evacuation drills as required.


Last reviewed: August 2019

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