Payment Plans - Sydney Community College

Payment Plans

We know that finance is sometimes an issue when planning your future. At Sydney Community College we have a low-cost option that is available on some courses.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment plans are available for all courses where the enrolment fee is $200.00 or more.
  • 50% of the total enrolment fee is payable upfront (“initial payment”) with the remaining balance to be paid in equal instalments via debit or credit card as agreed upon with a customer service representative.
  • A payment plan set-up fee of $11.00 is payable upfront with the initial payment.
  • To pay your enrolment fee by instalments you:
    • Must contact our customer service team on 02 8752 7555 to set up a payment plan and provide a valid debit or credit card;
    • Must pay your instalments on the dates specified in your payment plan;
    • Must ensure that cleared funds are available in your nominated card to meet the payments;
    • Must complete and provide the College with new card details within 3 days of any change to your nominated debit or credit cards.
  • You acknowledge and agree that by entering into a payment plan with the College, you have entered into a legally binding agreement with the College and are committed to paying the full enrolment fee within the agreed time frame. If you do not pay the instalments by the due dates then the College will charge you a surcharge of $15.00 for each delayed or missed payment (being a genuine estimate of the costs incurred by the College to remedy the breach of the payment plan by you).

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