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Enrolment Policy

Any enrolment made by you in the manner described in this website is an offer by you to purchase a place in a particular course for the price (excluding other charges) specified in this website at the time you make your purchase. Sydney Community College reserves the right to accept or reject your purchase for any reason, including, without limitation, the unavailability of any course, an error in the price or the product description posted on this website, or an error in your purchase. There may be reasons why Sydney Community College cannot complete your enrolment. Therefore, your contract with Sydney Community College only comes into existence when Sydney Community College advises you that it has accepted your enrolment and receipt of your payment has been received by your email server or other SCC notification.

Age Limitation

Sydney Community College provides short courses for adults, therefore under-18s are not typically permitted to enrol in courses. A person under the age of 18 may enrol in a course if the terms are confirmed and negotiated by Customer Service, the tutor and a parent or guardian of the individual.


Fees for courses are for tuition only and do not, unless expressly stated, include the cost of government charges and taxes including any Goods and Services Tax, consumables and other costs such as text books and manuals or other incidental costs. The availability of courses and services may change from time-to-time.


In any enrolment period it may be necessary to discount course fees to promote a course and/or in order to encourage enrolment in that course. This may be done by written offers distributed through the College marketing activities. Offers may also be made verbally through the College customer service centre. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

From 7th June 2024, any enrolment purchased at a discounted price will be subject to a transfer fee if you wish to transfer to a different class.


You are responsible for any taxes, duties or other liabilities imposed by any governmental agency, including without limitation, any customs duty, goods and services taxes or any value added tax imposed on any courses or services acquired or ordered by you from this website.

Advertised Dates and Times

The advertised dates and times of courses may change without warning. If this is the case, all reasonable attempts will be made to contact you via sms, email and telephone contact, however, confirmation of starting time and venue remains the responsibility of the student.


You agree to be bound by the following Cancellation, Refunds and Transfer policies and Sydney Community College’s liability is limited as expressed in the Policy and these Terms and Conditions. Our courses require a minimum number of students to proceed. The College will send a courtesy email to confirm the course is going ahead and a courtesy email and sms if the course is being cancelled (if the minimum number of students are not met) two days before the start date. If you do not receive the courtesy email or sms confirmation two days before the start date it is the student’s responsibility to contact the College to confirm the course is going ahead. At all times it is the student’s responsibility to check the course starting date, time and venue. In the event the course is cancelled by the College due to low enrolments, the course fee will be refunded to the students. Please allow up to 10 working days for the refund to be processed.


Enrolments in our courses are not transferrable to another person. Please note that changes to students work commitments or personal circumstances outside of the above conditions will not be considered as grounds for a transfer or refund. Please choose your course carefully. Please see “withdrawing from your enrolment”:/policies/withdrawal.

Policy last reviewed: March 2024

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