About Us

About Sydney Community College
Sydney Community College – a social enterprise.

Sydney Community College is a social enterprise with a mission to offer innovative continuing adult education programmes that support individual efforts and facilitate sustainable social change.

We do this by:
  • providing continuing adult education opportunities for people to build practical and theoretical skills and develop knowledge;
  • leveraging from and developing community capacity and inclusivity;
  • developing innovative affordable and accessible skills training programmes;
  • partnering with like organisations and government to deliver learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities;
Our Vision is:

To achieve our Mission by being a self-sustaining not-for-profit social enterprise with a focus on innovative short courses and life changing training experiences for adults.

Our Mission is:

To enrich lives, to strengthen adult individuals and to build communities through innovative high quality continuing education and training.


The College is governed by a Board of Directors under a Constitution. For more information see College Board

See our policies

Last reviewed and updated June 2018