College Board

The Board meets no less than quarterly. An Annual General Meeting is held in June, at which members are elected or confirmed as Directors according to the College Constitution. To be eligible for election to the Board, a person must be a financial member of the College. With the exception of the Principal, Board membership is an honourary role. Board members may serve up to three year terms and can nominate for re-election for a further period.

Board members are chosen for their skills, knowledge, experience, attitude, values and commitment to adult education and training.

Last reviewed and updated May 2019

Current Board Members

Ms Joanna Maxwell (Chair) | Dr Andrew Gonczi | Dr Roger Morris AM | Ms Anitra Morgana | Ms Sara Pantzer | Ms Jenifer O’Connor | Mr Ian Balcomb | Mr Garry Traynor OAM (Secretary)

College Constitution & Annual Reports