Course Proposal Form

Course Proposal Form

We at Sydney Community College are always looking for interesting and innovative courses and workshops. By following the format below, you can submit a proposal for our consideration. Before completing your proposal, please view Course Proposal Help.

About you

Generally about your course

What is the name of your course?

2. Have you successfully offered a similar course before?

No Yes

3. Are you currently offering this course elsewhere?

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If yes, where?

More specifically about your course?

1. How many sessions do you propose for your course?

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2. Is your course proposed for the Day, Evening or Weekend?

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3. Please describe your course as you would like it advertised.


Please describe the agenda in a session by session outline.

Learning outcomes

All courses have learning outcomes. The learning outcomes must be planned by you. For help with learning outcomes please see the course proposal help. Please outline up to four major outcomes below.

About facilities and equipment

1. Please describe what special facilities and any particular equipment that will be required for this course that will need to be supplied by the college.

2. Please describe what special equipment or consumables required for this course that will need to be supplied by the student.

Risk assessment

All courses and activities pose some level of risk. Have you considered what risks there might be? If you use machinery, equipment, tools or chemicals in your course, please indicate these as potential hazards. If your course requires the student to participate in a level of activity above normal exertion, please indicate this. Please note that may be required to prepare a Safe Working Methods Statement should we agree to include your course in our programme.

Thank you for your submission. It will be passed to the Programming Team for consideration.