Fitness: Nordic Walking for Beginners

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If you want to burn up to 46% more calories than normal walking, have less stress on the knees and joints than jogging and engage in a safe and sociable outdoor exercise, then Nordic Walking is for you. It’s a great way to burn more calories in less time. You can also exercise for longer without feeling exhausted as you are using more of your body’s muscle groups to propel you. It’s a total body activity!

Train  with a Nordic Walking Australia accredited instructor and get to grips with this fun, effective and inclusive activity. Walking poles are provided.

Of course one of the best bits of exercise is when it’s over! When all the poles are packed away, feel free to join Pat your instructor at a local cafe for a cup of coffee and a chat. The coffee is on us, so enjoy!

  • What is Nordic Walking?
  • Help with choosing correct pole length and fitting up with poles
  • Discussion of any health or injury issues
  • Course, pole safety, choosing the correct type of pole
  • Learn to walk using basic techniques – sessions will be interspersed with drills and exercises to assist correct actions
  • Team games
  • Introduction of more advanced techniques
  • Warm down and stretch

These outlines are a guide and actual session content will be varied to suit the capabilities of individual participants

Learning Outcomes of this Fitness Class

  • To be able to continue on with the sport and choose the correct size, type, and quality of pole for safe Nordic walking
  • To be able to utilise the poles and techniques correctly to enable the maximum health benefit
  • To be able to plan an exercise regime around Nordic Walking
  • Have fun, make friends and get fit
Important Information

Please wear the correct clothing:

  • Jogging pants or similar.
  • Light layered tops to suit weather conditions.
  • Footwear – trainers or similar.
  • Hat

Please bring the following:

  • Water container that can be clipped to a belt or similar
  • Energy bar or similar
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Patrick is very nice however, I would have liked more practice and a bit less talk. The last 2 sessions were better and more dynamic as we were walking and practicing most of the time. I understand that we need to get the theory and details but I think the best way to learn is the practice. Also, I appreciate that Patrick is coming from the Blue Mountains but on a few occasions, he was late and then we ended up finishing late as well. It was a bit tricky for me as I had other commitments after the class.

  • said: The tutor knows how to teach Nordic walking and made the course fun to learn. He was able to individually help each of his students in great detail with his expertise. The course is good however it could be reduced to 4 lessons ( however 6 is okay ). The venue was hard to find at the beginning. Another park would also make the course more enjoyable.

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