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Public Speaking Training Course

What you'll learn

Learn vital public speaking skills with our career development short courses & communication skills short courses in Sydney!

This Public Speaking Training course is designed for anyone who wants to gain good communication skills and present with confidence.

Do you feel nervous when you are talking in a team meeting or need to present in front of an audience? Would you like to improve on your communication skills to deliver your message in a clear and precise way? Then this is course for you!

Public Speaking Skills are important and valuable throughout life, whether it is to help you advance your career, make a speech at a friend's wedding, or create other opportunities in life. Good public speaking and presentation skills may open some doors while enhancing your reputation and boost your self-confidence, whereas bad communication skills may close them.

This practical hands-on course will help you to prepare, plan, deliver and evaluate your own speech and presentation goals. You will gain an understanding of different learning and behavioural styles and the value of adopting your own style to meet audience needs. And you will learn skills that will help you to take charge of your performance, so that you can speak in a confident and professional manner.

You'll be given a highly interactive environment, with plenty of opportunities to practice new skills in class and receive immediate feedback. There are lots of practical tips such as identifying goals, dealing with nerves, memorising your speech and a solid template for any future speeches and presentations.

Course content

What will be covered in this Public Speaking Training course?

This public speaking training course offers a comprehensive guide to putting together, remembering, and delivering a successful presentation/speech. Some of the topics covered will be:

Communication style

  • What best suits you personally

Planning your speech/presentation

  • Developing a speech or presentation plan and identifying your goals
  • Structuring content – a reliable template
  • Timings
  • Closing and getting results

Delivering your speech

  • Preparation
  • Keeping the audience engaged
  • Dealing with difficult situations

Experiential activity

  • Deliver a 10-minute presentation
  • Reflect on your performance
  • Receive detailed feedback

Action plan

  • What you need to do

Evaluating your performance

  • What worked well
  • What didn’t work
  • Lessons learned

Practical Exercises

  • Posture and Stance
  • Voice and Projection exercises
  • Reliable ways to memorise your speech
  • Proven methods of dealing with nerves

Visual Aids

A comprehensive module will be covered in a take-home form

Intended audience

Who is this Public Speaking Training Course for?

This Public Speaking Training course is designed for anyone who would like to improve their public speaking skills and communicate effectively or needs to deliver a presentation in the workplace, at a special event, or has experience in delivering speeches, but would like to get feedback on their style and develop their skills further.

Course materials

Please bring to class

  • A pen and paper (or tablet).

Materials provided

  • Comprehensive handouts (PDF) containing all the fundamentals of the course.

Course testimonials

Course tutors

Rob has been a professional comedian for 40 years and has been teaching Stand Up Comedy for over 15 years. In 2011 his show ‘Comedy School’ which aired on SBS was nominated for a Logie. Rob has...

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Public Speaking Training Course

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Public Speaking Training Course