Mastering Small Talk


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Mastering Small Talk

<p>Making small talk isn’t as easy as it sounds; it isn’t as challenging as it sounds either. Conversing with strangers can be awkward, stilted, even painful, but there is an art to it, and it can be


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Course description

Making small talk isn’t as easy as it sounds; it isn’t as challenging as it sounds either. Conversing with strangers can be awkward, stilted, even painful, but there is an art to it, and it can be mastered!

There’s nothing small about small talk. You may think that making small talk is just a way to pass the time or avoid awkwardness but many great friendships and relationships have started with a small talk!

Small talk makes big conversations! Join us to discover things that great conversationalists know!


In this practical workshop you will learn:

  • Why the ability to make small talk is so important
  • How to approach others – initiating conversation with strangers
  • How to make yourself approachable
  • How to prepare topics points
  • How to make and keep the person comfortable
  • How to Observe – Listen – Compliment – Question
  • How to find common ground
  • Why it’s important and how to follow up with questions or statements
  • How to keep building the conversation
  • How to make the best exit
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Mastering Small Talk Class, students will:

  • Know how to use small talk in everyday situations
  • Know how to approach others
  • Know how to make a good first impression
  • Know topics points for discussion and small talk
  • Know how to keep building the conversation
What’s provided

Each student will receive a booklet with theory and advice.

What to bring
  • Notepad and pen or tablet to take notes
  • A list of challenging situations when you will use your new skills
Student Feedback

" I really enjoyed the class and have been making an effort to use my new skills in the real world."

" I just wanted to say thank you for all the insight you provided during the two days worth of classes on making small talk. I hope to put the techniques and advice into action and better myself in terms of connecting with people and starting worthwhile relationships – something which has been lacking from my life every since the end of my university days."

" Excellent teacher, good theoretical ideas to improve and time to practice. Good information and chance to practice. Teacher ensured the course went well, including considering student requirements."

" The tutor was friendly and approachable. He had invaluable stories and experiences to share with us that made the learning experience more enriching."

" Good presentation, great sense of humour good tips. Enjoyable, easy to follow, good ideas, very relevant. "

" I followed a lot of what we studied in the small talk class and amazed myself at how well my conversation went and how comfortable I felt. I realise now a lot of my communication problems started with me. Taking the step to do your course was not a comfortable one but the beginning of change for the better. "

"Thanks for such a great course. I found it very helpful. All the information was very useful and gave me a new perspective on my own interactions with people. There’s a lot of information that is very helpful and will definitely improve my conversations with people. "

"The tutor had good subject knowledge and lots of life experience situations to bring to the table. The tutor got his message across, back up with a handout and his humour and involving everyone. Rotating seats on the 2nd night was a great idea! Have recalled and adapted some of what was in the course since. The tutor used examples of his own life situations which echoed his experience in what he was conveying to us. i.e.. he was not a “text book” tutor. Everyone was given a chance to interact if they wished, but there was no pressure, the result: a large happy group :) A great speaker."

Other Information

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