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How to Start a Business Course

What you'll learn

Improve your work skills and embark on the journey of starting your own business with our personal & career development short courses online & in Sydney!

Dreaming of launching your own venture? This course is your roadmap to navigating the world of entrepreneurship in today's dynamic digital era. Dive deep, challenge conventional business norms, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit tailored for the modern innovator.

This isn't just about theory; it's about tangible action. Many of our students have taken their ideas from concept to reality, launching successful businesses during the course. So, you're not just learning; you're building.

Develop your niche, connect with your target audience, and harness the power of digital marketing and learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to support your business. If you're passionate about turning your business idea into a thriving reality, this course is your launchpad.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this How to Start a Business Course, you will have enhanced your career prospects and should know how to:

  • Develop a comprehensive business plan tailored to your unique idea.
  • Craft an effective marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience.
  • Design a seamless customer onboarding process to enhance user experience.
  • Navigate the rules and regulations governing small businesses in Australia.
  • Understand and implement pricing strategies to ensure profitability.
  • Explore various business models, with a focus on emerging online strategies.

Course content

What will be covered in this business course?


  • Defining Business in the Modern Era.
  • Selecting a Winning Business Idea.
  • Product & Pricing Strategies.
  • Understanding Business Structures.
  • Crafting Your Business Pitch.

Planning & operations

  • Business Lifecycle: From Start to Scale.
  • Business Planning for the Non-Planner.
  • Key Marketing Techniques for Today's Businesses.
  • Operational Efficiency and Capacity Management.
  • Self-Management in Business.

Marketing your business

  • The Essence of Modern Marketing.
  • Crafting a Business Marketing Plan.
  • Positioning Your Business in the Market.
  • Targeting and Engaging Your Ideal Customer.

Money & sales

  • Pricing Strategies for Products and Services.
  • Essential Sales Techniques.
  • Financial Planning: Projections, Budgets, and Cash Flow.

Digital marketing

  • The Power of Digital Marketing in using AI.
  • Building an Effective Website.
  • Basic SEO Essentials for Businesses.
  • Crafting a Social Media Strategy.
  • Content Creation.

Intended audience

Who is this business course for?

This course is designed for students looking to gain skills and enhance their knowledge and capabilities in starting and growing a business. It is specifically tailored for those who are thinking of starting a business or have businesses that have been operating for less than 18 months.

Course Venue

Online classes will be delivered via Zoom.

For specific "in-person" classes students will be situated at our Rozelle Campus: 2A Gordon Street, Rozelle NSW 2039 (Corner of Gordon St and Victoria Rd, on the grounds of St. Joseph's Church).

Course Materials

What to Bring to Class:

Online classes: hard copy class notes (workbook) will be provided to students prior to the Zoom sessions (these will be posted out to students so please include all relevant address details when enrolling). 

For specific "in-person" classes please bring a laptop and workbook (Wi-Fi available on campus at Rozelle).

Additional information

Course format

  • 9 live, online sessions of 90 minutes each using the Zoom platform
  • Total 13.5 hours of instruction

Course testimonials

Course tutors

Philip John is a seasoned education professional with a rich background in curriculum development, program design, and strategic educational initiatives. His expertise spans traditional academic...

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How to Start a Business Course

<p>Improve your work skills and embark on the journey of starting your own business with our <a href="">personal &amp;

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This is an Online class and will be held over Zoom

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for How to Start a Business Course

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for How to Start a Business Course