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Wordpress training course for beginners. Learn to use WordPress to build beautiful websites, quickly and effectively with our web design courses in Sydney.

In this hands-on 2 day course, you will learn how to build a fully-functioning, device-responsive website using the self-hosted version of WordPress. Starting with an introduction to WordPress and its capabilities as a website & blogging platform, this step-by-step hands-on course will provide you with the skills to build a WordPress website from scratch, without coding. This is a beginner level course with no prior knowledge needed, however, students should be confident internet users with basic computer skills.

This course will take you through the entire process and provide you with the skills to build a site, along with a thorough understanding of how to customise, edit, update, publish and manage a WordPress website in a small business setting. You’ll learn to avoid common mistakes made by many DIYers, saving you time, money and sanity. You will learn how to plan, build and configure your website/blog and publish it to the internet. This course covers a broad overview of the software and how it integrates with common peripheral services.

It includes a brief overview with additional learning resources covering the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), WordPress website maintenance, how to integrate Google Analytics, social media, contact forms, maps and the essential foundations to building and managing a fully-functioning small business website, along with the critical measures to take to ensure your website is backed up, up to date and secured against hackers.

This course provides a fun, engaging and face-face learning experience designed to teach you how to build a WordPress website from scratch, the right way.

Course outcomes

By the end of this self-hosted WordPress training course, students will have built a 5-page WordPress website based on our demonstration site: including a homepage, blog, contact page with form, map, menu structure and social media links. They will have a good understanding of how to build a small business WordPress website from scratch, have the confidence to work with the WordPress Gutenberg editor to add, edit and publish pages and posts, along with how to choose themes, plugins. They will also know the importance of maintaining updates, backups and managing a WordPress website on an ongoing basis.

Students will:

  • Understand the options available using WordPress.com and WordPress.org for their professional or personal needs;
  • How to choose and customise free and premium themes;
  • How to choose and install plugins;
  • Have set up a self-hosted five-page website including pages, posts and contact form making use of the new Gutenberg editor;
  • Understand the toolset used to customise a WordPress website;
  • Know how to make updates to a WordPress website using the Gutenburg editor;
  • Be able to create blog posts and new pages;
  • Understand the importance of security, plugins and hosting options;
  • Have the confidence and additional learning resources to start building a modern, professional, small business website and how to edit, update and manage an existing one.

Ideal for

This course is ideal for small business owners, lean-startups, consultants, authors, creatives, freelancers, website content managers, bloggers, not for profit employees and others seeking to build, manage, edit and grow a professional small business website.

  • Develop an online presence for a business or professional networking needs;
  • Write and publish a blog to share knowledge, market expertise or refine writing skills;
  • Develop content management skills to build or improve career prospects;
  • Manage, edit and update an existing WordPress website with confidence;

Course content

Day 1: The Basics

  • What is and why choose WordPress
  • An overview of the two WordPress platforms
  • WordPress concepts and terminology
  • Installing and configuring WordPress

A deep dive into the WordPress dashboard including:

  • Logging into WordPress
  • Updating basic site settings
  • Managing users – add, remove, roles
  • Adding and managing pages, posts and, media
  • Working with the Gutenberg editor
  • Inserting images, galleries and inline links
  • Building and managing a menu system
  • Manage the blog – location, categories, tags, and comments
  • Customise widget areas – footer

Understanding plugins:

  • The difference between plugin and widgets
  • Finding and choosing plugins (free vs premium)
  • Installing and working with plugins
  • Recommended plugins

Experimenting with plugins:

  • Coming soon page
  • Image sliders and lightbox popups
  • Contact forms
  • Google fonts
  • Social media sharing

Day 2

  • What is a theme
  • Finding and choosing themes (free vs premium)
  • Installing a theme
  • Before you buy tips
  • Working with themes – theme customiser
  • Free time to create/build your own theme
  • Google Analytics integration
  • WordPress security and maintenance tips
  • Debugging WordPress tips
  • Search engine optimisation tips
  • Further site customisation using CSS

What’s next?
You’ll be provided with a list of additional resources for learning how to continue building your website and incorporate advanced features and functionality.

Other information

  • This is not a personalised website course – we work step-by-step to build a demonstration site that covers the course objectives, you will leave with the knowledge and confidence to apply the skills you’ve learned to build and edit a WordPress site.
  • This course requires that students purchase a domain through a hosting website. Crazy Domains are currently offering 3 months of hosting for AU$36 – https://www.crazydomains.com.au/wordpress-hosting. please ensure that you have purchased WordPress hosting before attending class.
  • You will have plenty of time to ask questions throughout
  • Please bring a notepad, pen and USB key to save any work and notes to download including links to additional resources for continued learning;
  • This course is held in our computer room using 27" iMAC computers;
  • Free themes and plugins will be demonstrated, with information provided about premium themes, plugins and builders.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Cath was fantastic! Her hands on approach and clear and concise instructions were brilliant. Probably going to hire her to help us out.

  • said: This course was great, exactly what I needed to get my website finished. There were too many people in the class so Phil had a lot of people competing for attention and people were at very different stages. It was good for me because I had written my content beforehand but maybe it needs to be clearer that people should come more prepared to get the most out of it.

  • said: I thought this was a great course and very educating! This course is great for people that are starting up their own business/website. Think it would be very beneficial to add in small tips on how to make your website accessible for people with disability such as accessible links, colour contrasting etc. Thanks again for a great course!

  • said: I found that the course was very enjoyable and insightful. It will help me to start my business.

  • said: Great course that was a perfect foundation to further explore and develop my website.

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