Communication Skills Course Using NLP

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Learn communication skills using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with our psychology courses in Sydney.

Want to improve the way you communicate with family, friends, colleagues and your partner? NLP includes a series of techniques that will help you refine and enhance how you communicate with others. Come away feeling more confident and assertive and with better communication skills. Improve all the relationships in your life as a result.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • have a better understanding of what motivates others
  • be able to determine what others preferred representational system is and how to communicate most effectively with them
  • be able to demonstrate basic active listening skills
  • be able to express their thoughts and feelings assertively
  • understand the importance of rapport in effective communication
  • better understand their other people’s views of the world
  • have set goals for the future

Ideal for

It is designed for people who want a brief introduction to NLP to gain some practical skills. It will give participants the basics so that they can pursue further NLP study if they wish.

Course content

  • A brief explanation of what NLP is and how it works
  • Discovering a person’s favoured representational system and the communication style which works best with it
  • Understanding another person’s values and how that affects their communication
  • The basis of rapport and how to get into rapport with other people
  • Practice in techniques for communicating assertively
  • Practice in active listening techniques
  • Stepping into others' shoes through using perceptual position techniques

It is difficult to say how the exact structure of the workshop will unfold, as this will partly be based on what is elicited from participants during the workshop. NLP utilises participants' beliefs, values and decisions, and so a fundamental part of the workshop will be discussing these things with participants. NLP techniques include things such as brief, guided visualisations, the use of storytelling (metaphor) and a range of other techniques.

Other information

  • The workshop will be based on adult-learning principles and will be interactive.
  • A series of NLP techniques will be used. Where appropriate, participants will be taught NLP techniques for use at home.
  • Please arrive at your class 10 minutes prior to the start time.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist