Presentation skills and public speaking


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Presentation skills and public speaking

<p>Presentation skills and public speaking course in Sydney. </p><p>This presentation skills and public speaking course is designed for anyone who wants to confidently deliver effective and dynamic


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Course description

Presentation skills and public speaking course in Sydney.

This presentation skills and public speaking course is designed for anyone who wants to confidently deliver effective and dynamic presentations.

Participants plan, deliver and evaluate their presentation goals and improve their public speaking skills in a practical hands-on session. They learn about different learning and behavioural styles and the value of adopting their own style to meet audience needs. The course is highly interactive with plenty of opportunity to practice new skills in class and receive immediate feedback. This course is designed for anyone who needs to deliver presentations in the workplace, at a special event or has experience in delivering presentations, but would like to get feedback on their presentation style and develop their skills even further.

Course content

During this course the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class. This course is a blend of:

  • Pre-course preparation activities
  • Face-to-face group training
  • Post-course activity

Learning styles

  • Adult learning methodology
  • Learning styles
  • Behavioural models

Communication style

  • Engaging your audience
  • Identify your own communication style using the 4-Mat model
  • Flex your own style to suit a range of communicators
  • Common communication barriers
  • Overcoming Barriers

Planning your presentation

  • Developing a presentation plan
  • Structuring content
  • Adding activities and scenarios
  • Timings
  • Closing

Using visual aids

  • Why use them?
  • Using flipcharts, whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations and video

Delivering your presentation

  • Preparation
  • Keeping the audience engaged
  • Dealing with difficult situations

Evaluating your presentation

  • What worked well
  • What didn’t work
  • Lessons learnt

Experiential activity

  • Deliver 10 minute presentation
  • Reflect on your performance

Action plan


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • identify and adapt your behavioural preference and learning style to tailor your communication to a variety of audiences
  • develop a presentation plan
  • apply adult learning principles into presentation planning
  • structure content into logical chunks of information
  • use activities that add value to the presentation experience
  • use visual aids to add impact
  • deal confidently with difficult situations
  • use feedback received in-class to improve your next presentation performance
Please bring to class
  • A pen, paper (or tablet) and USB stick
Student Feedback

“This course was excellent. I have been consistently applying the skills I was taught in this course with mostly every new person I meet. The tutor was outstanding. He has excellent social skills and made everyone feel welcome and valued in the class. It's difficult to find a tutor like that.”

“I was initially apprehensive about doing a course on...smalltalk... But the information was invaluable and gave me a whole new balanced perspective on my social interactions.”

“The instructor was knowledgeable and his delivery was excellent.”

“I really enjoyed it. You provided a lot of information that was new to me, and practical. It also helped with a small piece I had to deliver on Wednesday for a work teleconference.”

“Thank you for running this course, I gained some really good insights on structuring your presentation & delivering a key icebreaker message. I would like to take you up on the course notes offer, so please shoot these through. I just started listening to Bach, Mozart and Pachobel's Canon! Great tip! ps: I'm very passionate about inspiring others to be comfortable within themselves through Improv, so I really appreciated practicing the icebreaker exercise & your feedback.”

“Many many thanks! You are a genius! Your suggestions are excellent. Now I am super excited about this speech. Thanks again.”

“Thanks very much for the excellent talks on presentation skills and useful info. I will be trying to work on those exercises in the next few weeks for sure. Happy to receive your course notes, and the hints on powerpoint techniques as well. Thanks again and hope to catch up in the near future.”

“Thank you so much (tutor). Please let me know any course you teach in future. If I have time I will attend.”

“The instructor was knowledgeable in this subject and his presentation was excellent.”

“Content and Teacher were great. More exercises performing a presentation would have been preferred.”

“Excellent. Experienced presenter. Great content. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10. Best presentation course I have done. Informative, well presented, the tutor is happy to assist via email with further questions as required.”

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