Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to the Internet.

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Tech Savvy Seniors – Introduction to the Internet

Courses for those 60+

For people who didn’t grow up with computers, the internet can seem like a scary place. There is a world of unfamiliar jargon and new ways of communicating to contend with, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. The truth is, however, that the internet has become quite user-friendly in recent years, and anybody is capable of accessing millions of websites, sending emails, shopping and banking online, and much more.

This workshop will walk you through the very basics of the internet: how it works, how to get online and how to surf the web. At the end, you should be able to sign up for an internet service and access and search the internet on your home computer.

Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to Computers and Smart Devices
Tech Savvy Seniors - Email
Tech Savvy Seniors - Social Media - Social Video
Tech Savvy Seniors - Internet Security, Banking, Online Shopping

Course testimonials:

  • Robert said: Not enough practical input, no evaluation assessment. Very little use of equipment to build confident ability