Massage Course for Beginners


$289 Limited inc GST / $144.50 / $231.20 / $260.10
Massage Course for Beginners

<h5 id="MassageCoursesforBeginnersinSydney">Massage Courses for Beginners in Sydney.</h5><p>Join this hands-on course to learn the massage techniques to give a full body relaxation massage – with all

$289 Limited inc GST / $144.50 / $231.20 / $260.10
Massage Course for Beginners

<h5 id="MassageCoursesforBeginnersinSydney">Massage Courses for Beginners in Sydney.</h5><p>Join this hands-on course to learn the massage techniques to give a full body relaxation massage – with all


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Course description

Massage Courses for Beginners in Sydney.

Join this hands-on course to learn the massage techniques to give a full body relaxation massage – with all tables, course notes and oils provided.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner (or already have knowledge of the basics and want to extend your skills) you will learn techniques and tips for looking after yourself while giving friends, family, partners or clients some beneficial relaxation through massage.

This course is also suitable for therapists wanting to expand their skills, knowledge and confidence as a body worker.

Course content
  • History of massage and touch for healing
  • Simple overview of anatomy and physiology
  • The effects and benefits of massage therapy and contraindications
  • Correct posture, preparation for massage and safe practice
  • Creating the right environment, preparing and tailoring a session to the client’s needs
  • Exploring a variety of techniques and styles of massage and performing stretches on the table
  • How to complete a full body massage (legs, back, neck, head, chest, arms)
  • How to give and receive massage as an exchange
  • Enjoy a soothing massage given by another student.
Learning outcomes

After this course you will have learned:

  • the fundamentals of healing and intuitive touch through massage in a fun, friendly and non competitive environment
  • how to complete a full body massage with confidence
  • how to use intuition and a variety of massage techniques for relaxation and therapeutic purposes
  • how massage can be used to treat ailments, tensions and discomforts by getting in touch with the energy through breath and body.
Please come prepared
  • Wear comfortable, warm clothing

Please bring:

  • a sarong or single flat sheet
  • 2 large towels, and 1 small towel
  • a note pad and pen (or tablet device) to take notes.
Other information
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to the first session and report to the College reception office
  • All oils will be provided
  • Students will receive a “starter kit” at the beginning of the course, and a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

Please note: Sydney Community College is an education organisation dedicated to the provision of quality adult education. Classes are intended to develop skills and knowledge. Classes are not intended as individual therapeutic solutions. In health related matters, guidance from a suitably qualified health professional is recommended.

WARNING: Oils will be used. Rice bran oil will be used in class. Almond oil is included in the “starter kit”.

What others have said about this course

“Thank you for an in-depth course on demonstration and information.”

“The tutor was amazing and adapted to individual needs / levels... was kind and beautiful.”

“This course is great and I am loving it! The tutor is fantastic.”

“The tutor helped every student with anything they didn't understand. The tutor is amazing!”

“Jade was absolutely amazing. So full of knowledge and very encouraging. It was such a lovely environment to be in while learning. I feel like I learned so much in a small amount of time, for a great price and in a warm environment.”

“The tutor was extremely knowledgeable about both anatomy and massage techniques! She was fun and was consistently giving us assistance and guiding us onto the next step. She even gave us tips for trigger points and various points to focus on in the body. Given the short length of the course, there was SO much packed in! It was fun, interactive and the notes are thorough, so I can now practice at home! Such a fun and rewarding course with a lovely tutor! I now feel totally confident to give a nourishing and relaxing massage to my partner or a friend.”

“Warm, well lit and cosy! It had everything we needed. Great experience! I couldnt fault it.”

“Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The tutor was really well prepared with the content, structure and practical demonstration on point. She was engaging and made the course interactive and gave opportunities to ask questions. She managed time really well and facilitated the course wonderfully. The massage course exceeded my expectations. We were given adequate amount of practical hands on time to learn the beginners techniques of massage. In a 2 day course I was amazed that we could be introduced to back body and front of the body while body massage. It was packed with great content and I'm now practicing the techniques from the manual.”

“The tutor was approachable and made us feel comfortable and safe (we did an ice breaker game). she wasn't intimidating and explained various massage movements clearly and patiently as we practised. It was a fantastic course! The content was great, the practical nature of the course (massage for beginners), the instructor and the materials/ equipment provided. Good to have 2 full day sessions so that we could remember things better as well.”

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Kirsten Said: Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn how to massage their partner, friends or family. I learned how to give a full body massage in only 4 x Thursday evenings, after work! Such a lovely way to spend an evening with a friend or partner. I now know the basic anatomy and physiology to understand how and why to use certain techniques, and also have a host of massage skills in my tool belt! The classroom was toasty and warm, with lovely lighting. There were herbal teas, massage oils, tissues and everything we needed to practice. The massage beds are great and very comfortable. We even got a little free student kit with a natural, Australian made relaxation balm and massage oil to use at home. What made this course so fantastic though, was the tutor. Jade also teaches at the International School of Massage, and currently practices as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. She was fun, kind, patient and absolutely approachable. Every question was met by "That's a great question!". The course she has created packs so much essential theory content in, while leaving most of the time for practice. And Jade was so generous with her feedback and help with each student in the class. Making sure to come around and help everyone perfect their technique. My partner and I absolutely loved this course and will continue to practice at home - she has already organised the massage table!

  • Dilek Said: The balance between theory and practical.

  • Harry Said: 3.5 Stars