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Pelvic floor health class in Sydney.

During this programme you can learn to PREVENT, REVERSE or IMPROVE pelvic floor issues by becoming self reliant in pelvic floor health. Your newly acquired precious skills will last you a life-time and can be easily, immediately and permanently adopted without a lot of extra time investment.

The ultimate aim is to enjoy reliable pelvic floor function (sneeze, cough, laugh and exercise without a worry), enhanced intimate sensation, adequate pelvic organ support and optimal core activation during all phases of your life.

The programme can teach you a greatly effective pelvic floor training routine for optimal strengthening and maintenance with the aid of real time ultrasound, so you can forget about fruitlessly “squeezing at the bus-stop”.

It is highly recommended if you experience or are aiming to prevent incontinence or an overactive bladder, sinking or prolapsed pelvic organs, hemorrhoids, constipation, poor core function, vaginal wind, lack of sexual pleasure, menstrual cramps, infertility or you are wishing to improve your knowledge about the pelvic floor.

The information presented is rarely shared with women, so grab your chance to gain the insights of true pelvic floor care.

Course content
  • Basic anatomical information
  • Learning to protect the strength and function of the back passage, vagina and bladder with easy, practical tips
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Training – learning five different pelvic floor exercises to be performed in a routine sequence (covering all aspects including exercise frequency, positions, how to stay on track etc.)
  • Individual pelvic floor ultrasound scans (private & non-invasive)
  • Pelvic floor health/core function and breathing
  • Pelvic floor health/core function and posture
  • How to reduce pelvic floor demand during daily activities
  • How to encourage healthy pelvic floor function during ordinary activities
  • To equip women, with easy to implement, evidence based, practical pelvic floor skills
  • To achieve life-long protection from pelvic floor issues
  • To equip women with an effective, correct and realistic, evidence based pelvic floor training technique
  • Enhance women’s connection and relationship to their pelvic floor
  • Encourage women to practice good pelvic floor practices for themselves and their families every day of life
Ideal for

This course is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Please bring to class
  • Wear comfortable clothing (loose and non restrictive). No jeans or skirts.
  • A pillow, socks and cardigan for your comfort.

Yoga mats will be supplied.

Feedback from past students

'Very warm and engaged tutor, made the course interesting and valuable…Very worthwhile course. Thank you SCC for scheduling it!'

'Thank you for running this class it was Excellent Katalin Janssens was a wonderful teacher'

'She was amazing and very knowledgeable i got a lot from the classes'

'Well worth attending – a life changing experience for me'

'Kathi ran the course beautifully. She was clear, concise, handled questions very well. Her visualizations and
explanations were easy to understand and learn from.'

'Every woman should have the opportunity to take this course.'

'Patient and well informed, an excellent communicator.'

'Tutor was very helpful, warm and friendly and engaged and included all class members. She was clearly very
experienced and professional in her presentation.'

'Beautiful, kind, considerate and knowledgeable lady... Wonderful teacher, solution focused.'

She was very friendly and made the whole process easy to understand. Her guidance was both informative added with a touch of humour. I found this course very important and sad that it is not taught in from a young age. Would help so many woman prevent from ending up uncomfortable conditions. I hope this course continues to be available for all woman in the future.'

'A wonderful enthusiastic teacher, lovely person! '

'Instructor was great, took care to consider each person, and was clearly passionate about the issue. '

'Kathi is enthusiastic, knowledgeable & extremely good at sharing her knowledge. Kathi is an excellent teacher, which is especially important for a topic such as pelvic floor health.'

'Very knowlegable and informative, all were incluced in the class and I’m sure was enjoyed by all. Well presented information and the teacher has plenty of knowledge of the subject. Also it was subject was made easy to follow.'

'Kathi was an excellent teacher. She was warm, engaging, sensitive, and happy to answer any of our questions. She seemed to have an excellent understanding of pelvic health. Very informative and personable'

'Experienced tutor and a subject matter expert, friendly and open to questions. Katalin was very knowledgeable and found very relatable ways of describing what participants should do.'

Avoid disappointment – enrol early.

Please ensure you have given a valid e-mail address and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or e-mail.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: 5 STARS

  • said: This was a great class very informative and Kathi is great at making people feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • said: Kathi is an excellent facilitator - she is very knowledgeable on her subject matter, has a delightful delivery style and made the day not only informative but fun.

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