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    Ever wanted to work with your hands and create something unique you can wear or display? Perhaps you want to build and repair your own furniture but you can’t get your head around the tools or materials?

    We offer a wide range of handcrafts courses taught face to face with experienced professionals where you can enjoy working with metal, resin, clay, wood, yarn and natural materials to make something that’s all yours. Learn in a friendly environment at our Rozelle campus or our partner studios in Sydney.

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    Learn to make your own silicone mould and resin jewellery with our resin art short courses, part of our visual arts short course program in Sydney! This Resin Jewellery and Silicone Mould Making course is an essential course for everyone who would like to learn everything about resin. Explore how to create and make your own silicone mould and how to use your mould to create your own resin pieces with fast setting as well as slow setting resin. No prior experience is necessary. This...

    Learn more about Resin Jewellery & Silicone Mould Making Course
    Resin Jewellery & Silicone Mould Making Course

    <p>Learn to make your own silicone mould and resin jewellery with our <a href="https://www.sydneycommunitycollege.edu.au/courses/handcrafts/resin">resin art short courses</a>, part of our <a href="

    $249 Limited inc GST / $199.20 / $211.65 / $224.10
    The course fee includes materials valued at $85 and you will take your work home.

    Learn how to make steam bent shaker boxes with our woodwork courses in Sydney! This course introduces you to traditional steam bending techniques and to create small boxes using a variety of processes.  Steam bent boxes can be found in several cultures, from the traditional Magewappa Japanese Lunch box to the classic Shaker Box reminiscent of the 1800s American Shaker Culture. In this class, you will learn how to prepare the materials and create a steam-bent oval box in the style...

    Learn more about Introduction to Woodwork: Steam Bent Shaker Boxes
    Introduction to Woodwork: Steam Bent Shaker Boxes

    <p>Learn how to make steam bent shaker boxes with our <a href="https://www.sydneycommunitycollege.edu.au/courses/handcrafts/woodwork">woodwork courses</a> in Sydney!</p>

    <p>This course introduces you

    $399 Limited inc GST / $319.20 / $339.15 / $359.10

    Learn how to build a native bee hive with our woodwork courses in Sydney! Bees – both native and introduced – play an important role in our food supply, and for our entire ecosystem to function. Sadly, bee populations are at risk due to habitat loss, climate change, disease and other factors. In this hands-on DIY Native Bee Hive course, you will be introduced to the many native bee varieties and their importance to our biodiversity, while learning the carpentry skills to build your...

    Learn more about Woodwork: DIY Native Bee Hive Course

    Learn how to make origami with our handcraft short courses in Sydney! Join this origami workshop and learn how to create exquisite greeting cards and a beautiful jewellery box using simple origami techniques. Origami is not only a mindful activity, but it can also be therapeutic to create something beautiful. This workshop is perfect for beginners who want to explore a new craft and even learn how to upcycle a milk carton into something special. Handmade Japanese cards may look...

    Learn more about Origami Workshop for Beginners

    Learn how to build your own wooden step stool with our woodwork short courses in Sydney! This is a great introduction to woodwork course for anyone who would like to be introduced to the joys of working with wood, and in particular working with second-hand timbers that would otherwise be heading to landfill. Second-hand timber is a bountiful, affordable and high-quality resource. This course will inform you about its many possible uses and how to be a part of saving it from...

    Learn more about Introduction to Woodwork: Build a Step Stool Course

    Learn pottery in our pottery short courses in Sydney. In this 3 hour course, you will learn and master two different hand-building techniques: slab and coil. You will make a slab box with a lid and a coil vase or a pot of your own design. No previous experience is necessary. All of your materials for this class are included in the course fee, but please note, it does not include glazing. Glazing can be done in an additional returning student class after your pieces have been dried...

    Learn more about Pottery & Ceramics: Hand Building Intermediate Course

    Expand on your Wheel Throwing techniques in our new pottery Wheel Throwing course for intermediate in Sydney! You will get the most out of this intermediate pottery course if you already know how to throw an even and symmetrical cylinder size of a cup. If you don't, no problem at all! Please start with our Pottery & Ceramics: Wheel Throwing Course for Beginners and practice your throwing skills a bit before you sign up for this masterclass. In this three-hour intermediate course,...

    Learn more about Pottery & Ceramics: Wheel Throwing Intermediate Course

    Learn how to work with coloured clay in our new pottery Nerikomi course in Sydney! If you are bored with glazing, working with coloured clay can help you to get colour and pattern on your ceramics without glazing. No experience is necessary. Nerikomi is a decorative process established in Japan, which involves arranging coloured clay in a block and then slicing through the cross-section to reveal a pattern. These slices are used to create beautiful ceramics. Everything made in this...

    Learn more about Pottery & Ceramics: Nerikomi Course

    Learn how to decorate your pottery, then our new pottery Surface Decoration course in Sydney. If you are tired of just glazing and are looking for ways to add more interest to the surface of your pottery & ceramics items, then this course is for you. No experience is necessary. In this 3 hour course, you will learn a variety of surface decoration techniques that will elevate your ceramics to new heights. You will learn how to combine and layer various techniques to enhance your...

    Learn more about Pottery & Ceramics Course: Surface Decoration

    Learn how to design and create your own stack-on rings with our jewellery making courses in Sydney! On this course, you will learn basic silver jewellery techniques including saw piercing, annealing and soldering; and make several personalised 925 Sterling Silver rings (3 to 5 rings) with your own hands. For each of your rings, you have the freedom to choose different shapes, textures or patterns to create your unique stack of silver rings. As the class runs over several weeks you...

    Learn more about Silver Jewellery Making Course: Stackable (Semainier) Rings
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