How to Start and Develop a Cafe or Restaurant Business


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How to Start and Develop a Cafe or Restaurant Business

<h5 id="OpeningaCoffeeShoporRestaurant">Opening a Coffee Shop or Restaurant?</h5><p>Learn how to start a cafe or restaurant in Sydney with this workshop. Everything you need to plan a successful cafe


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Course description

Opening a Coffee Shop or Restaurant?

Learn how to start a cafe or restaurant in Sydney with this workshop. Everything you need to plan a successful cafe or restaurant. How to secure a good location, anticipate and prepare for growth, identify and side-step traps, do deals with agents and landlords that reduce the risks and boost business value. The legal, financial and personal aspects of your business will be at the forefront of all discussions: set-up costs, hidden traps, return on investment and ‘bottom line’ success. Plus, how to figure out if you can afford the rent, and your potential profit, before signing the lease.

No nonsense and beautifully low tech, this course is designed to empower those starting a food business to make the right decisions at the right time. As well as the numbers, the course drives home the importance of relationships and how to communicate effectively with agents, brokers, lawyers and others involved in the process.

If you want to learn or are interested in Starting Your Own Cafe or Restaurant in Sydney, then this course is for you.

Course Content

During this course the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given.

  • Cafes and restaurants as profit making machines;
  • How smart operators reverse-engineer their success;
  • A smart business plan that actually works;
  • Starting with the end in mind.
How cafes and restaurants are valued and traded
  • Price v Value;
  • What a buyer is prepared to pay for your business;
  • How to increase price without increasing sales;
  • Know the value of the business, before you commit to it;
  • Paths to market.
  • How to craft a profitable offering;
  • The hidden value of simple menu design;
  • Why less service is more value.
Making a profit
  • The breakeven point;
  • Set-up costs and investment;
  • Key performance indicators KPI.
Legal structures
  • The benefits of different legal structures for your business;
  • The downside to partnerships;
  • Licensing and franchises;
  • Personal liability and tax considerations.
Pioneering a new site
  • The benefits of starting from scratch;
  • The players involved in deal making;
  • Proven negotiation strategies that work with landlords and shopfitters;
  • How to get yourself ready to negotiate.
Buying a cafe or restaurant
  • How to use the lease to determine true profit;
  • Benchmarks and rules-of-thumb the insiders use to inflate value;
  • What to look for in the lease;
  • How to get cut-through with business brokers and make offers that get the sellers attention.
  • Leases as assets or liabilities;
  • Time decay;
  • Clauses to look-out for;
  • How to spot a bad lease a mile away.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have learned how to:

  • Judge the feasibility of your cafe or restaurant;
  • Prepare an honest business plan for your cafe or restaurant;
  • Calculate the profit potential of a typical small restaurant or cafe;
  • Understand the issues involved in buying an existing business;
  • Understand the broad legal and accounting issues involved and how to find specialist advice;
  • Identify and avoid unusual risks;
  • Negotiate on value, not price;
  • Engage effectively with landlords and sales professionals.