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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a short course?

A short course is an additional learning activity that students can participate in, to enrich their knowledge on a particular subject and obtain hands-on experience. The delivery style of short courses can be face-to-face or online in a friendly and relaxed environment. In most cases there are no entry requirements and no assessments or homework required.

What are the benefits of short courses?

The main benefits of short courses are improving an individual’s skills and knowledge. Short courses can be added to a resume to open up new job or promotion opportunities. They are also a great way to meet new people, develop professional and personal relationships, and have fun while learning.

How long is a short course?

Short courses at Sydney Community College vary from a single workshop session to several weekly evening sessions over a number of weeks. They may be as short as 3 hours or up to a total of approximately 20 hours.

Who can enrol in a short course?

Short courses are mainly designed for adults. Anyone over the age of 18 can enrol in a Sydney Community College short course. Some courses are open for teenagers, with the condition they attend all classes with a parent or guardian who is also enrolled.

Sydney Community College offers over 300 short courses, with over 1,200 classes each year. Our most popular short courses include Sewing Essentials, Photography for Beginners, Digital and Social Media Marketing Courses, Foreign Languages and learning to play musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and many more.

Why are people choosing short courses?

The main advantages of doing short courses are the friendly and relaxed learning environment, their affordability, plus the timing of classes that are generally after working hours or on weekends. Short courses are a way to pick up knowledge and skills without a large commitment of time and expense.

Where can I study a short course?

You can study a short course at Sydney Community College, with face-to-face classes in Rozelle, or at one of our partner venues. You can also learn from your home with interactive live courses via Zoom.

Why are short courses important?

Short courses are important because they help students develop the skills they are after in a short period on time. The learning is specific and efficient.

Are short courses accredited?

Short courses are not accredited, although some courses might offer students Personal Development points. Sydney Community College can provide a Certificate of Attendance on request.

How much do short courses cost?

Sydney Community College short course fees vary from $99 to $699 depending on the subject the student is studying. We do offer discounts for socially disadvantaged students, and occasionally we send targeted promotional discounts to subscribers of our mailing list.

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