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Visual Arts Courses

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    Be creative and learn the visual arts with our short courses in Sydney!

    What idea do you want to put to page or shape with clay? Draw, paint and sculpt to make your creative vision come to life with our visual arts courses. Taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic artists, why not try a weeknight drawing class or learn to paint on the weekend?

    We offer beginners courses to set the foundation, specialty workshops to explore different techniques and mediums, as well as tutor-led studios to further develop your skills. Our visual arts courses take place at our campus in Rozelle and at our partner studios across Sydney.

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    Learn to draw and sketch with our drawing short courses in Sydney! Come and join this portraiture drawing studio class to learn and practice how to draw the human face from life with its endless variation and possibilities. Each session a new life model will be in class so that you can continue to practise your portraiture drawing skills and expression through a variety of media and techniques. You will receive teaching and support from a practising artist, working with a...

    Learn more about Portraiture Drawing Studio

    Learn to write in modern pointed pen script with our calligraphy short courses in Sydney! Calligraphy reflects tradition, personality, style and creativity – everyone can learn it! Come and learn the beautiful art of calligraphy to gain an understanding of its rich history and the development of our modern alphabet. Working with dip pen and ink, students will learn a modern script style of lettering. This is a more casual form of pointed pen and you will learn to add your own flair...

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    Learn to create ink art with our painting short courses in Sydney! Ink art is a popular technique using fast-drying alcohol inks to create abstract art pieces. With a wide range of colours available, you can create vibrant marbled effects, bold washes and ethereal details. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to paint with alcohol ink, this workshop will guide you through a series of structured exercises to introduce you to the basic techniques - including fading, whispy,...

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    Expand on your life drawing skills with our drawing short courses in Sydney! If you have done the Beginners Life Drawing Course or have experience in life drawing this short course is about taking your life drawing skills to the next level. We will continue working with line, composition, tone, proportion, perspective, and form. However, you will also be introduced to new mediums and techniques. We will also do longer format drawings and include some props and fabric. You will walk...

    Learn more about Life Drawing Course for Continuers

    Grab a brush and discover the joy of painting! Embrace your inner artist as you delve into the world of painting with this beginner-friendly watercolour painting course, as part of our painting short courses in Sydney. Join us for a fun watercolour class where your tutor will introduce you to the very beginning of your watercolour journey. The workshop will start with an introduction to wet-on-wet, which includes dampening the paper with clean water and then applying watercolour...

    Learn more about Watercolour Essentials: A Beginner's Guide

    Learn to paint and sketch landscapes with our advanced watercolour painting course with our painting short courses in Sydney! In this advanced watercolour course, you will explore crucial aspects of watercolour painting, focusing on colour indicators such as Transparency, Lightfastness, and Staining. These properties play a significant role in understanding how colours interact and endure on paper, aiding artists in achieving desired effects while preserving the integrity of their...

    Learn more about Watercolour & Sketching Course: Advanced

    Learn to write, the right way, with our calligraphy short courses in Sydney! Join this class to learn the basics of contemporary hand lettering using brush pens. In this fun and hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the foundations of brush lettering using a brush pen. The class will begin with an introduction to this form of modern calligraphy and will quickly progress into a fun and practical workshop where you will learn how to create different pressures and strokes with your brush...

    Learn more about Hand Lettering: Brush Pen Course for Beginners

    Learn Chinese calligraphy with our calligraphy courses in Sydney! Discover the captivating world of Chinese calligraphy with our engaging courses in Sydney! Calligraphy, often compared to abstract painting, combines various artistic elements like form, line, space, ink, and texture. Dating back to ancient times, Chinese calligraphy has a history spanning over 4000 years, originating from the legendary Xia dynasty (2000 BC). In our workshop, you'll not only learn how to write...

    Learn more about Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

    Learn new styles of painting with our painting short courses in Sydney! Learn how to paint botanical art with watercolour and take home your own beautiful artwork, as well as the fundamental skills of capturing botanical art with watercolours. Botanical art is a unique and specialised art form that captures the colour, precision and detail of fruits, flowers, and foliage to represent their natural beauty realistically. Learn the techniques of sketching an object in proportion,...

    Learn more about Watercolour Painting Workshop: Botanical Art

    Expand on your drawing skills with our drawing courses in Sydney! Continuing from our Drawing Course for Beginners, this Drawing Course for Continuers will help you to build on your existing drawing skills. This course focuses on your individual style and will enhance your confidence in artistic expression. With a range of structured drawing exercises and demonstrations, you will expand on your drawing skills and be able to express yourself through drawing. Deepen your...

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