Photography Course for Beginners - Level 1

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Learn digital Photography in Sydney. Photography classes for beginners. Learn Digital DSLR photography.

There is a power in certain photographs that can instantly tell a story, elicit an emotional response, trigger a past memory. Are you looking for the capability for your photographs to evoke such a response? Whether for a career behind the lens or just wanting to become a better photographer, this course is a comprehensive resource in the basics of photography for the results and quality you are looking for.
Taught by highly expert professionals active in their field, this course deals with the fundamentals of photography from frame composition to camera settings. With an eye on building practical knowledge and experience for work or personal application, students will be taken out of the class room for project and team-based activities to hone their skills in, and understanding of, capturing quality photographic images.

Course content

During this course, the following topics will be covered but not necessarily in the order given. Also, in keeping with the variable nature of adult education classes, specific content may be adapted to suit the learning needs of the class.

  • How an SLR works
  • Aperture and Depth of Field, Aperture Priority
  • DoF Control – AP, Distance, Lens, DoF Preview, DoF Scale
  • Shutter Speed and Movement, Shutter Priority
  • Camera Shake, Tripods Mirror Lock Up and Self-timers
  • The Photographic Triangle AP/SS/ISO, What is a Stop
  • The Light Meter – Correct, Under and Over Exposure
  • Focusing – Manual, Auto, Focus Points, Single/Continuous
  • ISO – sensitivity, Film Speed grain and Noise
  • Contrast and Tonal Range
  • Metering Systems – Matrix, Centre Weighted, Partial, Spot
  • Situations that give inaccurate light readings
  • The Histogram – Dynamic Range and Exposure Latitude
  • Lens Types – Prime, Zoom, Bright/Fast Lenses, Length, Angle of View, Magnification, Perspective and Distance Control, and Distortion
  • Digital Lenses, Sensor Size, Crop/Multiplication Factor and DoF issues
  • Resolution and File Types – Bits, Bytes, Dots and Pixels – Film Types, Grain

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Using their Digital SLR Cameras manually with skill and confidence
  • Identifying the standard functions and features of a Digital SLR Camera
  • Understanding and putting into practice the creative use of Aperture and Depth of Field and Shutter and Motion
  • Understanding and putting into practice the creative use of Wide Angle and Telephoto Lenses
  • Using the appropriate metering and exposure systems to correctly expose the image
  • Identifying difficult lighting situations that result in incorrect exposures
  • Understanding the basic principle of the Photographic Triangle
  • Selecting the appropriate ISO, Resolution and White Balance settings

Students will also have skills in:

  • Understanding and using the physical equipment of the photographer
  • The composition dimension of photography – what looks good in a frame and why
  • Interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills;
  • Attention to detail through the ability to focus on an action or thing
  • Methods for getting images noticed by family, friends or potential customers and clients.
  • Outcomes of this course also serve as prerequisites to more advanced training classes.

Please note

  • As most professional Photographers work mainly with Canon and Nikon cameras it is not possible for your tutors to know every single function location on every single brand and model of camera. For this reason it is imperative that you bring your manual to class each week so that your tutor may refer to it or request the student to refer to it on the odd occasion.
  • It is not advisable to miss the first and/or second week of class as these weeks are providing critical information that is required for the rest of the course.
  • This course is not for Compact Digital Cameras (manual or automatic).
  • This course serves as a prerequisite to our more advanced classes.

Please bring to class

  • No experience is required
  • Digital SLR Manual Camera
  • The Camera’s Manual
  • Tripod or monopod would be great but not a requirement

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: I really enjoyed this course. The content was pitched at a good level. I enjoyed the field trip at the end also. Gregory was helpful and patient and able to answer all my questions. Looking forward to my next course!

  • said: 5 Stars

  • said: I had little to know knowledge before the course --- I feel this has given me a grounding / foundation I was looking for.

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