Philosophy - The Great Modern Philosophers

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Course description

The great modern philosophers course in Sydney.

Over five weeks this course will give students a good background of the major ideas of the key modern philosophers. All these thinkers have had a major impact, not only on philosophy, but also on the social sciences, and on the intellectual development of western society generally. Although their theories are often complex, this course will present them in such a way that they are understandable to people who have no prior knowledge of philosophy.

Course content
  • Week 1

Hegel - metaphysics of the other
John Stuart Mill - liberty and utilitarianism

  • Week 2

Marx - on alienation
Schopenhauer - the world as will and idea

  • Week 3

Nietsche- the will to power
Heidegger - human 'being-in-the-world'

  • Week 4

Sartre - free will and existentialism

  • Week 5

Habermas- rationality and human nature

About your tutor

Dr Andrew Theophanous has a B Litt in Philosophy from Oxford University and a PhD in Philosophy from Melbourne University. He has lectured at universities in the United States and Melbourne.

He is the author of three books including Understanding Social Justice: An Australian Perspective. He has published more than 20 articles in Philosophy and Social and Political Theory.

Feedback from past students

"Dr. Andrew knew his subject and is a great teacher. He inspired all class members to look at issues with a philosophical mindset; a great achievement in a few short weeks."

"Dr. Andrew has a great talent of conveying complex ideas to his students. The course was brief, very well thought through and logically organised. It was the first course with Dr Andrew I did but it was so interesting and I already know I want to do all of the remaining ones! And I can’t wait to start the next one!"

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Course testimonials:

  • Keeran said: Passionate tutor Andrew explains difficult concepts in plain English