Philosophy: The Great Political Philosophers

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Learn thinking and philosophical skills with our Philosophy Courses in Sydney.

Learn about the big issues in political philosophy by examining the theories of the great political philosophers from Plato through Hobbes, Rousseau, John Stuart Mill, Marx, and into the great modern thinkers such as John Rawls and Habermas. In this course, you will take home key ideas about the nature of society, of the state, of government, of citizens and the interaction between all these are explored.

The course will present you with the basic political philosophies – including liberalism, social democracy, the welfare state, the New Right and socialism. The current political and economic crises of society are also discussed, as well as theories for their resolution. The course is very helpful for the understanding of current Australian politics and society.

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Anyone can join! No previous knowledge of philosophy is assumed.

Course content

  • Plato and the philosophical state
  • Hobbes on avoiding the brutish state of nature
  • John Locke on the right can Private Property
  • Rousseau on the general will and real democracy
  • Kant on respect for persons and human rights
  • John Stuart Mill on liberalism and freedom from state tyranny
  • Karl Marx on alienation and the capitalist state
  • John Maynard Keynes on the rise of the welfare state
  • John Rawls on social justice and equity in the modern state
  • Habermas on the crises in the modern state
  • Charles Taylor on the multicultural state

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Philosophy: The Great Political Philosophers

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Andrew is smartest most knowledgeable person I’ve come across and can teach incredibly well what he knows. He also is good at engaging the audience so that we can learn from each other

  • said: The course was thoughtfully designed by a selection of relevant philosophers, and opposing conceptual view of human being. Andrew (Lecturer) made complex and challenging philosophical concepts easily understandable for the class.

  • said: Course content excellent. Very good coverage of range of philosophers linked well to theme. Complicated topics presented in manner that everyone could understand. Great to have Tutor (Andrew) with lifetime passion for philosophy and high academic qualifications able to engage, challenge and motivate us to learn more!

  • said: Dr Theophanous course about the political philosophers, was great. As is every course of his that I have attended. A good overview of the progress of main political ideas through the centuries.

  • said: The teacher's enthusiasm for the subject was great and contagious!!! 10 out of 10

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