Philosophy Course: Mind, Body, Life, and Death

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Learn about life and death with our Philosophy courses in Sydney.

Learn philosophy in Sydney in this seven-week course designed to present you with some of the most fundamental problems of Philosophy, especially on the topic of the nature of human existence. The course will help you understand the key features of the human mind and its relation to the human body. It considers the nature of the mind in its relationship to consciousness, the unconscious and the free will. It then explains how the characteristics and powers of the mind and body contribute to our general concept of the human being.

The course will also deal with the question of whether human beings are ultimately nothing but bodies, or whether the mind is part of a non–physical aspect of being human, such as the soul. We then turn to an examination of the nature of life itself, especially human life. This leads to an examination of the nature of death and the meaning that death has in philosophical literature. Finally, you will confront the question of whether there is life after death and what this can mean. This includes the question of immortality and rebirth.

This Philosophy Class. The presentation of the material aims to encourage deeper thought and class discussion about these issues.

Course content

Outline of the weekly classes:

Class one
The mystery of mind in its interactions with the body

Class two
Mind as consciousness, the unconscious and the free will

Class three
The powers of the mind and body in the constitution of the nature of human beings

Class four
Is the mind nothing but part of the body? Is the mind part of a non-physical aspect of humans such as the soul?

Class five
What is life? The complex dimensions of human life

Class six
The fact, the meaning and the trauma of death

Class seven
Is there life after death? Is rebirth possible?

About your tutor

Dr. Andrew Theophanous has a B Litt in Philosophy from Oxford University and a PhD in Philosophy from Melbourne University. He has lectured at universities in the United States and Melbourne.

He is the author of three books including Understanding Social Justice: An Australian Perspective. He has published more than 20 articles in Philosophy and Social and Political Theory.

Feedback from past students

"Dr Andrew was brilliant. Very very knowledgeable, excellent at presenting and gave us all the opportunity to learn so much."

"The course was excellent, very informative and really interesting thank you."

"I would do any course he held again. Very good and knows his subject."

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Great introduction to philosophy and some of the quirks and conundrums of life as we know it... or think we know it! Andrew is a great lecturer and made a massive, complicated topic accessible, interesting and light-hearted. Thank you.

  • said: Although fast paced, the course built week by week, and came together well. Andrew encourages questions and no question is a dumb question, it leads to something new to consider.

  • said: This course is an exciting and powerful journey through the great, creative thinkers across history who have strived to understand what it is to be human. Andrew’s knowledge of and passion for this subject is breathtaking. He is a consummate storyteller, a compassionate and inspirational thinker and speaker. I’d urge anyone who’s interested in the look of this course to jump in and do it.

  • said: I found this course to be of great interest and very thought provoking. Andrew is so knowledgeable and made everything very easy to understand and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  • said: 5 Stars