Archery for Beginners


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Archery for Beginners

<p>Learn Archery and <b><a href="/courses/sport-and-fitness-classes-sydney">other sports</a> </b> in Sydney. </p><p>Archery is a blend of long tradition and modern technology, a combination of


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Course description

Learn Archery and other sports in Sydney.

Archery is a blend of long tradition and modern technology, a combination of physicality and mental concentration. This course is designed for the archery beginner, aimed at developing self confidence, concentration, discipline and upper body strength. In partnership with Sydney Archery, our beginners courses are fun & safe for all age groups.

Ideal for

Our archery courses cater to individuals without any experience as well as those who have been on the range before. If you’ve never picked up a bow or if you’ve had some basic training in the past and need some refreshing then this course is suitable for you to develop your skills.

We provide:
  • Qualified instructors
  • Bows and arrows
  • Targets and stands
  • All necessary safety equipment
  • Sound knowledge that your archery experience will be fun, professional and safe
  • All classes are indoors so wet weather will not be an issue

The Beginner Archery does not require you to bring any equipment, since everything you need will be provided for the course. Just bring yourself and your friends and family to enjoy a pass time that will develop into a passion.


Our Beginners course covers the steps of the shooting technique that are the basis of good consistent shooting. Our classes cover all the fundamentals and principles necessary to handle and shoot a bow safely and with sound technique. You will be taught the Basic Archery Shot Cycle to help you form a harmonious & shooting sequence. When you understand how to apply the basics we will teach you to become more consistent and accurate in your shooting. We hope that by the end of the course you will be a confident and skilled archer ready for the next level!

Basic archery steps:
  • Stance
  • Nocking the Arrow
  • Set
  • Set-up
  • Draw and Load
  • Anchor
  • Transfer and Hold
  • Aim and Expand
  • Release
  • Follow-Through

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Course testimonials:

  • Emily said: The teacher was brilliant. I was unable to complete the course due to illness but the sessions I did attend I thouroughly enjoyed.

  • Maud said: Great class! Thanks Simon for making it so fun :)

  • Indrajith said: 5 stars