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Gardening - Small Space Garden


$129 Limited inc GST / $¤64.50 / $¤,103.20 / $¤,116.10
Gardening - Small Space Garden

<p>Learn Small Space Gardening in Sydney.</p><p>Discover how to plan and create your own compact green space while living in the inner city.</p><p>Living in the urban sprawl of Sydney is great for

$129 Limited inc GST / $¤64.50 / $¤,103.20 / $¤,116.10

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Course description

Learn Small Space Gardening in Sydney.

Discover how to plan and create your own compact green space while living in the inner city.

Living in the urban sprawl of Sydney is great for lifestyle, food, entertainment and action. It often means though that we are competing for space and the thought of a lush green backyard or green domestic spaces becomes a thing of dreams. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

In this course learn how to plan and create your own small space urban garden in Sydney. Adapt to your environment and push boundaries, get in touch with the plants around you and most importantly get creative and have fun!

Small gardens can be created for food, enjoyment, interest, improving your environment and general well being, for exercise, to build a community and to satisfy our need to connect with the natural world (biophilia). Whatever your reason, together we will go through the steps required to create your green space.

This course will teach you the basic needs of flora and the fundamentals of garden design planning and how to go beyond these to make the most of your small space.

Course content
  • Garden design basics – light, soil, water, space, plant types
  • Thinking differently to use the 3-D space (instead of being limited by a lack of horizontal space)
  • Designing gardens to suit the amount of time and effort available for maintenance
  • Designing to suit the needs of different users
  • Garden types: small front and backyards, streetscapes and options for street gardens, indoor rooms and balconies
  • Indoor plants options
  • Veggies and fruit for small spaces, including espalier techniques
  • Keeping chooks or bantams
Learning outcomes

After this course you will have learned how to:

  • identify the key elements that make a small garden work
  • use basic plant biology to keep your plants happy long term
  • consider the 3-dimensional space in your garden design
  • plan a garden that suits your lifestyle and its users
  • identify appropriate planting options for small spaces
  • plan for garden rotations and soil development through composting.
Ideal for

This course is ideal for beginner and home gardeners.

Please bring to class
  • a sketch pad, pencil and eraser as well as a notepad and pen or tablet to take notes
Student Feedback

“Excellent. Very informative. Charged my outlook on my small space and the plants I'll keep there.”

“Lisa had a well structured presentation, she sent us the file afterwards as promised. There was time for questions throughout, in particular to solve our own individual little gardening problems (and so we could learn from the others' issues, and how to fix/avoid them). I walked away with plenty to think about, ideas on how to research further, and how to plan my small garden.”

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