Creative Writing for Beginners

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Learn the art of Writing with our creative writing courses in Sydney.

The interactive live online course will be delivered via Zoom platform, with a small class group.

Do you want to write creatively and not sure where to start – or what to write? Learn the fundamentals of creative writing in this practical, interactive course for beginner writers wanting to develop writing skills and hone their craft.

This friendly and informative Creative Writing Course is designed to instruct, support and inspire writers of any genre. Discover and develop the basic tools and techniques of creative writing, and build on your skills and unique style through a series of structured classes, in-class activities with positive feedback in a supportive environment.

If you want to write anything, and you’re not sure where to start, then this is the course for you.


By the end of this creative writing course, you will:

  • develop an understanding of different creative works, and how to create your own
  • connect with other writers to further hone your skills and craft
  • create characters readers want to cheer for
  • develop plot and structure best suited for your works that will hook the reader
  • understand the basics of grammar and how to polish your work for the reader and/or publisher viewing

Course content – in-class delivery

  • What, why and how to write – and setting up the right time management and environment for the creative writer
  • Inspirational works – we examine different types of writing, including poetry, novels and other works
  • Creative sources, concept development, theme and style – and finding your writing tribe
  • Character, dialogue and description
  • Plot and story structure
  • Writing, revision, editing, submission – grammar, punctuation, and structural integrity of your work, as well as market submissions

Course content – online delivery

Please note: The online course is a modified version of the full course, so the content and learning outcomes will be reduced to suit online delivery and the shorter course duration.

Please bring to class

  • notebook and pen
  • laptop or tablet (optional)

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: This course offers a friendly environment and challenges for writers at any level of experience. A strong focus on practical writing allows students to learn through trial and error, and build confidence in their craft. Each class is informative, inspiring and quite entertaining; I’d highly recommend this course for writers at any stage of the “beginner” realm.

  • said: Our teacher was brilliant, knowledgeable and warm and friendly. She didn't hold back on any information, the notes were thorough and relaxed, it was safe to share our writing, she was so encouraging and supportive.

  • said: Dean was a fabulous teacher! Thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style and personality and encouragement.

  • said: This class ticked all the boxes for me. I have learnt a great deal from Dean and the others in the group, and it has created the inspiration and the motivation I needed. Dean has so much amazing literary knowledge, and provides such astute but motivational feedback. I have left every class feeling excited to write more.

  • said: 5 Stars

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