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Learn to sew with our Sewing courses in Sydney.

This is an extension Sewing Essentials course. In this course, you will learn a variety of new machine techniques and garment finishes that can be used to create professionally made garments. As more advanced applications will be covered such as zippers, buttonholes, facings, bindings and elastic uses, a far greater range of garments will be achievable for the novice sewer.

All techniques will be practised at each session on small fabric samples which will enable students to create a sample library that can be used for future reference.

At the end of these machine application sessions, you will have the opportunity to work on a project of your choice (beginners' level appropriate commercial pattern) or choose an option from the tutor’s range of selected patterns.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have gained greater skills in various sewing and machine techniques and have a better understanding of appropriate methods of finishing garments.

Course content

During this course, the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class. Your tutor will discuss any potential changes or revisions proposed to the course agenda.

This program includes practical and theory sessions over three Saturdays.

Session 1 - Facings, binding and elastic applications

  • Various ways to finish necklines, armholes, waistlines and other edges by using facings and bindings. Students will also learn about various fusing and interlining products
  • Elastic applications for waists or sleeve openings. Also attaching a waistband

Session 2 - Buttonholes and zippers

  • Zipper applications
  • Buttonholes and roule loops and correct button placement
  • Cutting Out Project

Session 3 - Project

  • Students will work on projects of their choice that incorporate some of the above techniques already learnt

Please bring to class

  • 4 Metres of calico or plain cotton fabric of medium weight
  • 1 Metre of white light weight fusible interfacing
  • Bias binding x 12mm wide
  • 1.5 Metre of white elastic, 25mm wide
  • 2 regular nylon zippers 16-18cm long
  • Threads to match fabric
  • Scissors, clippers, tape measure and pins
  • Notebook, ruler, pen and pencil to take notes

NEEDLES: The machines on campus take standard domestic sewing machine needles. They will have 130/705 H on the packaging somewhere to tell you they are domestic type, which is different from the code for the size of the needle (an 80 or 90 size needle is best for use with sew-all thread).
BOBBINS: They must be plastic, not metal. They must be designed for TOP LOADING or “Drop-In” machines. The best bet is to buy a pack that says it’s suitable for Singer Drop In machines or Janome Drop In machines (either one will work on both machines). Avoid “universal” bobbins as there is no one-size-fits-all bobbin.
THREAD: a quality thread brand is recommended. Some of the more common household brands are Gutermann, Rasant, Mettler, Aurifil.

Other information

  • Students bringing their own machines will need to ensure that they have a zipper foot and buttonhole attachments for their machines. It is also advisable to bring machine manuals for reference.
  • Please wear closed-in shoes.

Basic kits with the bare essentials are available for purchase for $20 directly from the front office. Each kit contains:

  • Glass headpins
  • White sewing thread
  • A tape measure
  • Thread clippers
  • A cream zipper
  • 2 x clear plastic bobbins

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile.

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: Going to this course made me feel empowered to continue my exploration into the world of sewing because I learnt so many useful techniques from a patient and knowledgeable teacher.

  • said: A really wonderful teacher, such patience, efficiency and kindness, which really helped in learning the new skills and made it all a really enjoyable experience.

  • said: Teacher is great. She is very knowlegable,patient and humorous and very helpful. I enjoyed the course very much and have learned a lot from the teacher. The venue is nice but the class needs a new ironing board desperately. I would love to do more claases if available. Thanks to Ilorna again.

  • said: The structure of the course itself was great - focusing on technique for the first two sessions but leaving time for your own project in the last session. Ilona was kind, down to earth and clearly experienced, but also handled the varied class with great skill, sharing her time between all our individual projects fairly and effectively. Would definitely recommend.

  • said: Ilona was amazing at teaching us so many things in such a short time. She spent a lot if time with us individually and I leart so much from the course. She was great!

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