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Drawing - Cartooning for Beginners

Learn drawing – cartooning for beginners course in Sydney. From the single panel editorial cartoons of the newspapers to the walls of city streets, cartoons are everywhere! If youre struggling with Stick-Men and haven’t picked up a pencil since your school days, never fear- this class is not about virtuoso drawing skills. Throughout the course we will demystify drawing with the aim of creating simplified & iconic cartoons, like the classics. It’s also about understanding how to... [More]

Drawing - Cartooning Extension

Have you got an idea for a cartoon, comic, animation, illustrated book? Are you looking for novel ways to present business ideas visually to clients? Are you a fan of films by Pixar, Disney or Studio Ghibli? Do you crave a space to draw and explore your imagination without the distractions of home? If so, this course is for you! In this course we work through the process of Visual Development- creating original characters to tell your own original stories. Building on Cartooning... [More]