Drawing - Cartooning for Beginners

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Course description

Learn drawing – cartooning for beginners course in Sydney.

From the single panel editorial cartoons of the newspapers to the walls of city streets, cartoons are everywhere!

If youre struggling with Stick-people and haven’t picked up a pencil since your school days, never fear- this class is not about virtuoso drawing skills. Throughout the course we will demystify drawing with the aim of creating simplified & iconic cartoons, like the classics.

It’s also about understanding how to tell stories with static images- how to create comedic pacing, dramatic tension and a clear flow for the reader, amongst many other storytelling techniques.

This Cartooning for Beginners Class will be based around your own ideas- your own stories, jokes, characters and style. You will start with an idea and develop it over the 8 weeks by applying what you learn in class.

Basic caricature for political cartooning will be included in the course however due to its reliance on a strong understanding of portraiture, caricature as a stand-alone form of cartooning will not be covered in depth.

Students are encouraged to bring images/copies of cartoon styles of their interest. It is also recommended that students bring along their laptop so that they can research in class using the College WiFi


  • No experience necessary
  • See Materials List below.


  • Advanced Cartooning
  • Portraits & Caricature
Course content
  • Overview of cartoons- history, types of cartooning, etc.
  • Visual Storytelling: How do cartoons work?
  • Brainstorming, Ideas, Inspiration
  • Understanding Drawing.
  • Iconic Cartooning: Keeping it simple.
  • Beyond the Stick Figure: Drawing people.
  • Faces in Cartooning
  • Character Design
  • Words & Images
  • Composition: Panel & Page
  • Basic Form & Perspective.
  • Line: Lineweight, Expressive line etc.
  • Materials

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • develope their cartoon from an idea to a finished strip or series of single panels
  • have an overview of the history of cartoons, the difference between comics & cartoons, various formats etc
  • understand the difference between drawing from observation vs drawing with symbols
  • recognise the relationship between Realism, Abstraction & Cartoons
  • have an understanding of how stories are told with still images to create a sense of time, place, mood, atmosphere etc
  • have learned how to create pacing for humour or drama
  • have a range of techniques for coming up with and developing ideas
  • know how to use stick figures as the starting point for more advanced figures
  • know the rules of facial proportion and how to bend them
  • be able to draw a huge range of faces
  • have designed their own character or cast of characters
  • understand how to use words and images together for maximum effect
  • know how to compose their cartoons within the frame and across the entire page
  • understand how to tackle basic form and perspective to give extra weight and dimension to drawings
  • be able to use line in a variety of ways for a variety of effects
  • have used a range of materials to bring their cartoons up to finished quality
Other Information

Materials List:

  • A3 sketchbook
  • HB & 2B Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Other materials discussed in class.

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