Drawing - Cartooning for Beginners


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Drawing - Cartooning for Beginners

<p><b> <a href="/courses/art-classes-sydney/drawing-classes-courses-sydney">Learn drawing</a></b> and cartooning at this course in Sydney CBD.</b></p><p>From the single panel editorial cartoons of the

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Course description

Learn drawing and cartooning at this course in Sydney CBD.

From the single panel editorial cartoons of the newspapers to the walls of city streets, cartoons are everywhere!

If you struggle with stick-people and haven’t picked up a pencil since your school days, never fear- this class is not about virtuoso drawing skills. Throughout the course we will demystify drawing with the aim of creating simplified & iconic cartoons, like the classics.

It’s also about understanding how to tell stories with static images – how to create comedic pacing, dramatic tension and a clear flow for the reader, amongst other storytelling techniques.

This Cartooning for Beginners Class will be based around your own ideas – your own stories, jokes, characters and style. You will start with an idea and develop it over the 6 weeks by applying what you learn in class.

Basic caricature for political cartooning will be included in the course, however due to its reliance on a strong understanding of portraiture, caricature as a stand-alone form of cartooning will not be covered in depth.

Students are encouraged to bring images/copies of cartoon styles of their interest. It is also recommended that students bring along their laptop so that they can research in class using the College WiFi

Ideal for

No experience necessary. Beginners are encouraged to attend, as well as students who have some prior experience and would like to develop their techniques and skills

Course content
  • Overview of cartoons – history, types of cartooning, etc
  • Visual Storytelling: How do cartoons work?
  • Brainstorming, Ideas, Inspiration
  • Understanding Drawing
  • Iconic Cartooning: Keeping it simple
  • Beyond the Stick Figure: Drawing people
  • Faces in Cartooning
  • Character Design
  • Words & Images
  • Composition: Panel & Page
  • Basic Form & Perspective
  • Line: Lineweight, Expressive line etc
  • Materials

By the end of this course you will:

  • be able to develop a cartoon from an idea to a finished strip or series of single panels
  • have an overview of the history of cartoons, the difference between comics & cartoons, various formats etc
  • understand the difference between drawing from observation and drawing with symbols
  • recognise the relationship between Realism, Abstraction & Cartoons
  • have an understanding of how stories are told with still images to create a sense of time, place, mood, atmosphere etc
  • have learned how to create pacing for humour or drama
  • have a range of techniques for coming up with and developing ideas
  • know how to use stick figures as the starting point for more advanced figures
  • know the rules of facial proportion and how to bend them
  • be able to draw a huge range of faces
  • have designed your own character or cast of characters
  • understand how to use words and images together for maximum effect
  • understand about composition and know how to place cartoons within the frame and across the entire page
  • understand how to tackle basic form and perspective to give extra weight and dimension to drawings
  • be able to use line in a variety of ways for a variety of effects
  • have used a range of materials to bring your cartoons up to finished quality
Other Information

Materials list:

  • A3 sketchbook
  • HB & 2B pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser

Other materials may be required for certain projects and these will be discussed in class.

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Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • Julie said: I really enjoyed the classes I was able to take, unfortunately I was unable to make the final classes because of changes at work, but look forward to enrolling in another class if it is available at a later date.

  • Warwick said: I had such a great experience and am sad my drawing class is over now !

  • Katie said: "Five stars"

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