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Design & Technology Courses

Design & Technology Courses

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    Code, create, and captivate with our design and technology courses in Sydney!

    Have you ever wanted to create your own website or learn how to code? Perhaps you want to master the fundamentals of graphic design? With our design and technology short courses, you can learn new skills for your personal and professional projects.

    We also offer a variety of Tech Savvy Seniors courses where you can learn the basics of how to use a computer, shop online, or manage your digital assets. Our short courses take place at our campus in Rozelle or online via Zoom.

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    Build your confidence using technology with our free Tech Savvy Seniors courses in Sydney! Tech Savvy Seniors is a structured, short and friendly series of courses designed for people 60 years and older that will help open the door to the world of digital technology.  Introduction to Computers, Smart Phones & Tablets course is presented in two parts. In an easy to follow way that helps make sense of the technology and what it offers, you’ll learn the basics of digital technology...

    Learn more about Tech Savvy Seniors: Introduction to Computers, Smartphones & Tablets I

    Learn how to use social media with our free Tech Savvy Seniors courses in Sydney! Social Media describes a very broad category of websites that let you connect to family, friends, loved ones, or interest groups anywhere in the world. Sites like Facebook and Twitter let you and others share what’s happening in your lives. Other sites like YouTube and Flickr allow you to share videos or photos privately or with a worldwide audience. Video conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom...

    Learn more about Tech Savvy Seniors: Introduction to Social Media

    Learn to manage your digital assets with our free Tech Savvy Seniors courses in Sydney! Digital assets include all data and information that belongs to you or is about you which is stored on your phone, computer, or online at different websites such as banks and social media with which you have interacted. Digital assets can be very important and valuable. Your digital assets may include things such as: The documents and files saved on your computer and devices Your passwords to...

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    Improve your work skills by learning UX design online with our web design short courses in Sydney! User experience (UX) design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, function and interaction between the customer and the product. It plays an important part in product creation. Are you interested in learning about User Experience (UX) Design and how you can enhance your career with these skills? Our UX design course is suitable for...

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    Learn graphic design skills with our Adobe training courses in Sydney! Graphic designers are visual communicators - their ideas inspire, inform and captivate consumers through imagery, typography and graphics. This graphic design essentials course will give you a solid foundation in the principles and software that help to make ideas and designs recognisable and prominent. You will work with a variety of media and software so you can enhance your design competency. You will be...

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