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    Are you eager to get behind the lens but yet to master composition and framing? Have you just bought the latest iPhone and want a camera roll you can show off to friends and family? With our photography courses get to know your DSLR or phone camera and put your skills in focus.

    These courses are taught face-to-face by enthusiastic and knowledgable instructors at our campus in Rozelle, with occasional practical excursions.

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    Learn to improve your technical photography skills with our photography short courses in Sydney! Photography is both a creative and a technical art form, the two go hand in hand. Without the creative vision, the technical skills are useless, and without the practical skills, the vision is just a dream. Once you have mastered the basics of your camera functions, all beginner photographers need to be able to master the technical aspects of their camera to make their creative vision...

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    Photography: Technical Skills Workshop

    <p>Learn to improve your technical photography skills with our <a href="">photography short courses</a> in Sydney!<

    $300 Limited GST free / $240 / $255 / $270
    This class is a single 8 hour workshop

    Learn to take amazing photos in breathtaking lighting with our photography short courses in Sydney! Lighting is essential to photography, understanding how it works and how to control it will take your photography to the next level. In this lighting course, you will build your knowledge of lighting through theory and practical exercises. You will gain experience in lighting in the studio as well as outdoors using natural light. Our photographic lighting course is taught by an...

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    Learn to take amazing photos in the bustling streets of Sydney with our photography short courses! Are you ready to capture the vibrant energy of Sydney's streets through your lens? Join our 3-hour Street Photography Workshop in the heart of Sydney CBD, where you'll uncover the art of candid, unscripted photography. Led by a professional photographer who understands the importance of practical, hands-on learning, this course is designed to help you understand and master the...

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    Learn creative light painting photography skills with our photography short courses in Sydney! Exploring light painting through cameras is an engaging and creative approach to photography. It not only adds a fun element but also provides learners with an opportunity to express their creativity. Light painting involves creating images by manipulating light, transforming the way you perceive and practice photography. This workshop delves into the practical aspects of light painting,...

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