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    Are you eager to get behind the lens but yet to master composition and framing? Have you just bought the latest iPhone and want a camera roll you can show off to friends and family? With our photography courses get to know your DSLR or phone camera and put your skills in focus.

    These courses are taught face-to-face by enthusiastic and knowledgable instructors at our campus in Rozelle, with occasional practical excursions.

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    Learn the art of close-up and macro photography with our photography short courses in Sydney. Learn the techniques and equipment (optical, lighting and support) needed to achieve sharply focused, well-exposed photographs of flowers, insects, water drops, miniatures, coins, jewellery and much more in this macro photography course in Sydney. This hands-on macro photography workshop will show you how to get the most from your DSLR and how to enhance its macro capabilities in very...

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    Photography Course: Close-up, Macro & Focus Stacking

    <p>Learn the art of close-up and macro photography with our <a href="">photography short courses</a> in Sydney.</p>

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    Learn the skills of creative night photography with our photography short course programming in Sydney Explore the creative opportunities that night light offers on 3 photoshoots, discovering how the camera sees in darkness, and learn ways to play with light. This night photography course will take you through the compositional and technical elements that go into creating beautiful nighttime imagery. Nighttime photography is a world of creative opportunity, colours are more intense...

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    Learn film photography with our photography short courses in Sydney! Introduction to film photography is a course designed to break down the concepts of 35mm film photography and the development of your own images. This compact course is suitable for both technical and experimental learners looking to grasp an understanding or advance their already existing skill set of film photography. This course will offer a mixture of guided, practical work, including defined tasks, as well as...

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