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Learn Jewellery Making and Other Arts Courses in Sydney

Jewellery Making courses and classes in Sydney. Ever thought to design something that is meaningful, wearable, fashionable or even practical? Are you a person full of ideas and eager to envision it? Why not create your own earrings, pendant, ring, bracelet or key ring and integrate your ideas in it?

Sydney Community College offers a range of short courses in Silver Jewellery and Jewellery of other mediums for absolute beginners and intermediates. Here you can create your own signature style for less! It will be meaningful, handmade and very personal. This also a brilliant gift idea for someone you love.

We offer hands-on practical learning experiences, in small groups, led by enthusiastic and experienced tutors. Most of our jewellery making classes are run at well-equipped studio space in Rozelle – just 5 minutes by bus from Town Hall Station, and with parking available.

As a not-for-profit education provider with 30 years experience in adult education, we offer high quality courses, workshops and studios to help you gain new knowledge and skills you can put into practice right away.

Which jewellery making course are you interested in?

Design, Develop and Draw your Own Jewellery | Beaded Jewellery | Flamework and Glass Beads | Precious Metal Clay for Beginners | Resin Jewellery/Homewares for Beginners | Silicone Mould Making | Married Metal Technique | Silver Bangle | Stack-on Rings | Learn Silver Jewellery Making | Textured Earrings | Mixed Level Workshops | Silver Jewellery Studio | Wax Modelling for Silver Casting | Wire Wrapped

Online Silver Jewellery for Beginners | Online Silver Jewellery Intermediate | Wax Modelling and Silver Casting

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Learn Silver Jewellery Making in one day: Silver Bangle

Design and create your own personalised silver bangle through various finishing methods in Sydney. In only one day you will be able to learn the basics of metal work such as soldering, saw piercing and hammering as well as different finishing techniques. The result: You will go home with a beautiful silver bangle with the personal touch designed and created by you. The class provides you a 925 sterling silver band as well as the professional guidance of our experienced jewellery so... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery Making for Beginners

Learn Silver Jewellery Making in Sydney. This comprehensive course covers all you need to know about basic metal wok; perfect for everyone who would like to start the jouney of silver jewellery making and design. Learn in depth the fundamentals of jewellery making such as piercing, filing, soldering, riveting, drilling and polishing as well as all about the equipment and tools used at class. In class you will apply the newly learnt techniques making first a copper ring as a sample... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery Making: Stone Setting Technique: Bezel

Learn how to set a stone with the Bezel Technique in Sydney. In this comprehensive Stone Setting course, you will gain a solid understanding and hands-on experience on how to design and create your own gemstone ring in a bezel setting. You start by learning to make silver bezels to fit round faceted gemstones. Once made, find out how to seat the stone into the bezel using the correct burrs in flex shaft handpieces. Then, prepare the bezel edges and push the metal over the stone... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery: Wax Modelling for Silver Casting

Learn Wax Modelling for Silver Casting in Sydney. This fun, structured and relaxing Silver Jewellery – Wax Modelling for Silver Casting course invites absolute beginners who ‘believe’ that they aren’t creative through to people with an art or craft background to learn basic jewellery making skills. Wax modelling is an excellent way to create intricate silver jewellery pieces easily and quickly. In class you will be designing and carving a wax ring or pendant model into your desired... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery Making: Stone Setting Technique: Claw/Prong

Learn how to set a stone with the Claw Technique in Sydney. This very informative and hands-on Stone Setting course will teach you everything you need to know on how to make a beautiful ring with the popular claw (also known as prong) setting. Learn the setting by turning up silver strip to the correct size, soldering and rounding out, then position and solder claws onto the setting. With the professional help of our tutor, you will be using the flex shafts with confidence, push... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery Making in one day: Textured Earrings

Master the art of creating your own earrings and bringing texture to your beautiful piece in just one day. In this course you will learn how to create two pair of silver earrings with different textured surfaces using the roller printing, stamping and hammering technique. These techniques are an easy yet effective way to create elegant jewellery. You will also explore how to create a contrast on sterling silver though the process of oxidation. The possibilities are endless. At the... [More]

Design, Develop and Draw your Own Jewellery

Learn how to draw , develop and design your own jewellery course in Sydney. Experience the excitement of drawing accurately your own jewellery design from scratch. No prior drawing or design skills are required. Learn the basic techniques of planning your jewellery design out by creating a mood board which is used by designers to assist them to generate inspiration for a project. You will experiment with design elements and be guided through the process of creating high quality... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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Learn Silver Jewellery Making: Stack-on Rings

Learn how to design and create your own stack-on rings in this Ring Making course. In this course you will learn basic silver jewellery techniques including saw piercing, annealing and soldering; and make a number of personalised 925 Sterling Silver rings (3-5 rings) with your own hands. For each of your rings, you have the freedom to choose different shapes, textures or patterns to create your unique stack of silver rings. As the class runs over a number of weeks you get to... [More]

Learn Silver Jewellery Making: Married Metal Technique

Learn to design patterns with different coloured metals to make your own jewellery piece. In this course you will solder brass, copper, and silver sheet together to create your own patterned metal. Patterns are made by soldering contrasting metals side-by-side, and by saw piercing and inlaying different coloured metals in puzzle like compositions as well as soldering layers of sheet metal and then flattening them through a roller. By the end of this workshop, you will go home with... [More]