Kintsugi - Japanese Ceramic Gold Repair


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Kintsugi - Japanese Ceramic Gold Repair

<p><b>Learn Kintsugi broken pottery gold repair at this workshop in Sydney</b></p><p>Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramic and pottery with a gold seam – where the


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Course description

Learn Kintsugi broken pottery gold repair at this workshop in Sydney

Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramic and pottery with a gold seam – where the breaks and visible repairs are honoured as part of the history of the object rather than something to be disguised.

Join this workshop to discover more about this graceful art and the benefits of mindful mending, with Kintsugi artist Jun Morooka. You’ll learn how to repair and add beauty to broken items using modern techniques.

Course content
  • A brief history of Kintsugi
  • Comparison between the traditional slow method and new techniques
  • Sourcing materials for future projects
  • Adapting the natural break lines to your design
  • How to file and prepare the broken pieces
  • Gluing and adding the gold (powdered brass)
  • Finishing your piece
Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will have learned:

  • how to repair a small ceramic dish using epoxy glue and powdered brass
  • how and where to source materials for future projects

All materials are included in the course fee – including a small broken dish for repair.

Please come prepared…
  • Please bring an apron or wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Wear closed shoes
  • Long hair should be tied back

Please note:

  • You may bring your own small item for repair – but we recommend learning on our test item for your first repair project.
  • we will be using epoxy glues and other materials that may irritate your skin. Disposable gloves will be provided.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Leda said: It was authentic and incredibly informative

  • Rhondda said: I had been interested in learning this craft for a while so jumped at the chance when the college announced the course. It was great to learn the basic techniques but now need to learn more & of course practice this beautiful craft.

  • Salwa said: It was a great class and having a tutor like Jun with such expertise was fabulous. My only "criticism" would be so much time going around class and introducing ourselves as this did take up valuable time that was needed in the practical part of the class. It was a bit rushed at the end. It was the first time to run this class and I know they will fine tune it. It is truely a valuable workshop that enabled me to have access to learning Kintsugi that I would not have otherwise. I gained knowledge from this introduction that I can use and apply in my own practice.