Learn Cantonese for Beginners


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Learn Cantonese for Beginners

<p>Learn Cantonese in Sydney with this beginner’s class.</p><p>Whether you want to learn Cantonese language for business, travel or just for fun, you’ll learn the basics at this informal, practical


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Course description

Learn Cantonese in Sydney with this beginner’s class.

Whether you want to learn Cantonese language for business, travel or just for fun, you’ll learn the basics at this informal, practical and interactive course in the Sydney CBD.

Cantonese is the language of Hong Kong and southern mainland China. It’s a tonal language, so students learn to recognise the different tones that can change the meaning of words and sounds. This Level 1 course will teach you how to communicate in Cantonese with simple vocabulary and basic sentences. You will begin to learn common characters of the written language and learn about Cantonese culture.

Ideal for

Students with no previous learning in Cantonese

Learning objectives

By the end of this Cantonese Beginners Class, you will have learned how to:

  • hear and pronounce the six basic tones used in Cantonese and say common words using these different tones
  • greet others and introduce yourself
  • say the Cantonese words for countries, people, languages etc
  • use a basic shopping vocabulary, including words for common items, prices, quantities and money
  • talk about your interests, hobbies and daily routines
  • say the words for time, days of the week, etc
  • describe people’s physical appearance
  • say the words for family members and other relationships, including understanding kinship
  • understand the basic sentence structure and use of particles in Cantonese
  • read and write simple characters related to the topics above
Textbook for Levels 1 and 2

Please purchase the course textbook and bring it to each class:

Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners
ISBN: 978-113-895-822-7

The textbook costs approximately $99 and includes access to online audio resources.

You can purchase the textbook from Abbeys Bookstore (131 York Street, Sydney). It is close to the CBD campus and offers a 10% discount to Sydney Community College students.

Please note: sometimes a course start date is postponed until there are enough enrolments. It is therefore wise to purchase your textbook after your course has been confirmed (usually within three working days of the proposed start).

What to bring to class

Please bring your textbook, a notebook and pen to every class.

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

Course testimonials:

  • Rachel said: I loved the interactions with fellow students and the noticeable progression we all made over the 8 weeks. 5 Stars!

  • Clair said: Teacher Sammy is with no doubt a good teacher that all students would need. She teaches Cantonese in logical steps from vols, phases to convsersation. She started the room on time and finished on time, very Punctual. I would definitly recommend her class to all the people who wants to lear cantonese.

  • Andrew said: Very interesting and engaging class would recommend to anyone looking to learn Cantonese