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Learn to know yourself with our Psychology courses in Sydney.

Ever wondered why you click with some people but not others? Or why your kids are so entirely different to each other? Have you found some jobs drain you even though you’re capable? Is there a person that you want to be but you are held back by something deeper? These are the sorts of questions that psychology gives us an insight into.

In this highly practical Psychology class, we’ll explore a range of topics from a different view that will help you understand yourself and others better – and provide a way forward.

Course content

Week 1: Self-definition and consciousness

Discover the origins of psychology and the different notions of self and identity throughout time. Learn about the dominant model used in understanding human behaviour. Practical focus: developing your personal understanding of the psyche, applying the model to case studies of human behaviour.

Week 2: Beneath the mask

Explore personality and discuss how different psychological theories offer diverse understandings of the human character. Practical focus: participate in a Gestalt personality activity and basic temperament test to learn more about your personality.

Week 3: Learning and memory

Learn about the processes that underlie learning and discover how we remember and why we forget. Practical focus: achieving self-control through a personal behaviour modification plan, strategies to improve everyday memory.

Week 4: Motivation and emotion

Discover what drives us as human beings, how emotions come about, and the predictors of happiness. Practical focus: discussion of notions of happiness and practical strategies to enhance wellbeing.

Week 5: Gaining a sense of direction

Learn about strategies of effective goal-setting and why this must be tied to a person’s values. Practical focus: values clarification exercise and strategies for meaningful goal-setting.

Week 6: Social creatures

Explore the social processes of attachment, attraction and social judgment. Discover why it is that we try so hard to fit in. Practical focus: strategies of conflict resolution and the experience of validation.

Week 7: Stress, coping and health

Learn about stress in everyday life, its causes and its impacts. Develop your understanding of ‘mindfulness’: what is it and is it actually helpful? Practical focus: strategies for stress management and creative mindfulness.

Week 8: Psychological therapies

Develop your understanding of psychology as an applied discipline. Practical focus: discuss what constitutes ‘abnormal’ behaviour, participate in an exercise in understanding human behaviour.

About your tutor

Juan Pedraza is a psychologist with a Bachelor of Psychology from the Autonomous University of Chile.
Currently working in Sydney as a Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, he has also worked in family & couples therapy, school and hospital psychological care, as well as delivering training on resilience, communication and teamwork.
Juan has an infectious enthusiasm for psychology and enjoys sharing his knowledge with students through active and lively class sessions.

Feedback from past students

'A great course and a great tutor. It’s inspired me to get my degree in social science'

'Extremely enjoyable and engaging course – lots of "food for thought'

'Without making it personal, he resolved a few issues that had been playing on my mind.'

'Excellent – I really enjoyed the course and Juan’s engaging teaching style'

' Covered a wide range of topics and gave good ideas for practical use in life... Covered the subject with energy and passion.'

' Juan was very engaging... Informative and eye-opening.'

' Juan is experienced, organised and well informed about his subject matter. I personally enjoyed this course.'

' Explained the information in a concise way. Engaging and engaged everyone in the class.'

' The content was varied, always interesting and thought-provoking.'

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This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: The course was packed with information and was taught in a relaxed and informal manner.

  • said: A really enlightening and fascinating course. Juan is brilliant and engaging. I’m sorry the class has finished!

  • said: Juan is a brilliant tutor and his love for his subject matter really shines through - please pass on my sincere thanks for conducting such a wonderful course. The Holmes College campus in York Street in the city is adequate, but overall is a rather uninspiring learning space - Rozelle Campus is much nicer and more convenient. If the college were to offer a 'next level up' course with e.g. slightly more indepth information on each of the topics presented, that'd be excellent.

  • said: Learning about behaviour and the motivation behind it. It was a great opportunity to ask questions related to my work as a disability support worker. The teacher gave pracial examples and I learnt a great deal from him even when tired.

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