Make-up Application


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Make-up Application

<p>Learn <b><a href="/courses/lifestyle-classes-house-and-garden-sydney/Makeup-Dress-Fashion-Course">makeup</a></b> application in Sydney.</p><p>If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist, then


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Course description

Learn makeup application in Sydney.

If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist, then this is a great introductory course into the makeup world.

This makeup application course is designed for anyone wishing to learn how to apply their makeup style more effectively.

Students will learn how to apply their own makeup successfully to a professional level using simple and quick makeup tips and techniques with one-on-one training from leading industry expert Kerry Howell. Come and take advantage of her expertise and let Kerry show you how to use your own makeup most effectively. You will learn all the tricks of the trade that will transform your look in minutes. Get direct advice on your own make up form, which products are best for you and how to bring out your very best features.

Course content

Session one:

  • Hygiene – Basic steps to good makeup hygiene
  • Primers – What a primer can do for your makeup and skin tone
  • Concealers – Using correct concealer/colour for pigmentation, rosacia, dark circles and acne
  • Foundation – Selecting the correct colour and product
  • Setting powders –Enhance the longevity of your makeup

Session two

  • Eye makeup/eyeliner/mascara –quick, simple and effective techquiques for blending & eye enhancement
  • False lashes – 3 easy steps to apply lashes

Session three

  • Eyebrows – Correcting your brow shape using the correct colour and products
  • Contouring – Correct or enhance your bone structure
  • Blush/bronzer – Where to apply blush & bronzer
  • Highlighting – Where to apply a highlight for a "natural glow"

Session four

  • Lips – Selecting colour to enhance or correct your lip shape, pencil outlining techniques
  • Eye makeup day to evening – Eye styles from quick natural to more glamorous smoky styles using eyeliner
  • Selecting the correct foundation colour and formula for different skin tones & types
  • Corrective techniques, selecting the right concealer and colour
  • Application of daytime to evening eye makeup with the ability to enhance a natural eye look to a smoky eye look with blending tips and techniques
  • Correcting or enhancing your facial shape using simple techniques with the latest contouring, shading and highlighting techniques
  • Correcting or enhancing your eyebrow shape using correct makeup products which will frame your eyes
  • Assessing your lip shape and using correct colours to correct or enhance your lips
Please bring to class
  • Head band
  • Notepad and pen
  • Camera-optional
  • Own makeup bag & brushes – if preferred, your tutor will be happy to supply brushes and makeup. However please bring these basics essentials along – mascara, lipstick, eye makeup remover and moisturiser
  • Kerry highly recommends Make up brands: MAC, Laura Mercier and Ben Nye.
  • Products (including false lashes) are also available for purchase from Kerry directly at a discounted rate for students.
Feedback from Past Students

"This was a good introduction to using make-up from Kerry who is an expert in this area."

"Kerry is encouraging and made everybody feel welcome. This class has a good atmosphere."

"Kerry is amazing teacher. Something that always seemed a rocket science to me is now a 15 min morning routine that makes me feel super confident and pretty – and she was able to teach all the important techniques for that during this short course. I am really blown away by a number of compliments I get now when I wear just a little bit of makeup (but it’s applied correctly and suits me), especially at work."

"Kerry has very good knowledge in this topic area. Also Kerry has great interpersonal skills and likes to include everyone."

"Kerry was professional and welcoming. I enjoyed the course very much."

"Kerry made everyone feel really welcome and created a lovely, supportive atmosphere."

"The tutor was very friendly knowledgable and patient, taught a mix skills group at a pace that was fitted to all."

"Kerry is experienced & passionate about makeup.She gave us practical hands on advice which was easy to understand. Kerry showed us techniques & how to use products in a multitude of ways. She also showed us how to emphasise our more attractive features & lessen the impact of other less attractive one."

Other information

Avoid disappointment. Enrol early.

Please ensure that you have given a valid email and mobile number as all course changes will be communicated via sms or email.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • Sherry said: Glad that I signed up for this class. It was a small group and Kerry has been excellent in giving us feedback. Learnt a lot.

  • Sophie said: Kerry makes make up application easy and accessible for everyone. She is an incredible teacher. Everyone in the class really improved over the course. I learnt how to do contouring properly which I thought was complex, but it isn't! Kerry explained every step carefully and i feel much more confident to do my makeup quickly. Everything was covered - from the type of brushes and tools, primers, techniques to the most appropriate colours and styles for your face. Highly recommended.

  • Madeline said: A really good course - I've learnt some new make-up techniques and loved it. Kerry is an outstanding make-up artist and I enjoyed her course.

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