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Learn to DJ: Beginners Course

What you'll learn

Learn to DJ with our music & singing courses in Sydney!

Do you love music, performing and entertaining? Want to make extra money doing what you love? Welcome to the wonderful world of DJ'ing! DJ'ing is the art of bringing together songs to create an experience for the listener. DJ's work with the mood and the desires of the audience, the key is to read the room and be fun! This DJ course aims to help you develop an understanding of the practical and theoretical processes involved in DJ'ing, we want to give you an understanding of the hardware, software and techniques that you can rely upon throughout all your future mixing – these processes apply to any genre of music and a large array of DJ controllers.

Whether you are aspiring to one day play in front of large crowds or whether you just want to play for your friends then this DJ for beginners course is the perfect place to start. If you want to integrate music into your life and enter a social world of entertainment and live performance then this DJ'ing course in Sydney is for you!

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to identify, set-up and use the DJ controllers provided as well as other audio equipment required.
  • Be able to organise a playlist, arrange songs and transition each of them continuously without indiscernible gaps using various techniques like beat-matching, counting tempos and beats and cueing up tracks that match.
  • Understand the basics of live DJ software and how they work with your music library.
  • Be able to begin thinking about your unique approach to Dj'ing so you can go on develop a style and sound

Who is this course for?

This DJ for beginners course is for anyone with a love of music and an open mind, no prior knowledge or skills are required. We provide a professional tutor with years of expertise as well as the DJ'ing equipment to give you a great hands-on learning experience. Whether you've bought some new equipment and need to learn how to use it or you might be looking for paid gigs or just to DJ for your friends we will give you the tools you need to feel confident performing and entertaining.

What will be covered in this course?

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to DJ'ing
  • Introduction to music theory
  • Headphones and speakers
  • Connecting decks and mixers
  • Associated cords [XLR, 1/4, RCA] and how this all works with your laptop

Lesson 2

  • DJ Controls & Cueing
  • Play/pause and cue buttons, volume faders
  • EQ knobs and crossfaders
  • Shift buttons & Tempo controllers

Lesson 3

  • Cueing up tracks whilst your music is already playing
  • Analysing the waveform
  • Identifying the downbeat
  • Blending tracks together seamlessly
  • Counting beats & beat-matching

Lesson 4

  • Synchronising the tempos of two recordings to enable a smooth transition between them in a set of uninterrupted music
  • Looping tracks and samples (Selecting a part of your track to repeat in time with the music)
  • EQing (Manipulating the lows, mids, and highs within the audio spectrum)
  • Selecting music for different crowds, reading the room and other DJ'ing lessons to learn
  • DJ Software (Understanding the basics of RecordBox and Serato software and how they work with your equipment)

What to bring to class

No equipment is required to attend. Simply bring yourself and something to take notes on. We provide computers, DJ equipment, headphones, and speakers to be shared amongst students.

If you would like to bring your computer or some of your equipment to practice with you are welcome to but cannot guarantee it will be used in this DJ course. If you would like to bring something along, please ask your tutor in advance.

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Course tutors

Dan Isaacman is a certified Technology Specialist who lives to create valuable experiences, empower communication, and utilise applied knowledge. His ultimate aim is to see his students improve...

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Learn to DJ: Beginners Course

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<p>Do you love music, performing and entertaining? Want to

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If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Learn to DJ: Beginners Course