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German Course: Language for Travel

What you'll learn

Improve your work skills by learning to speak German through our German language short courses, available both online and in Sydney! 

Get ready for an exciting experience with our German Course: Language for Travel.

This online and face-to-face German Travel course is designed for traveler's who want to make the most of their trips to places where people speak German.

Whether you're exploring Germany, enjoying Austrian food, or visiting Swiss cities, this course will teach you important language skills and cultural knowledge to help you travel confidently and respectfully.

Join our German Course: Language for Travel and start your journeys with confidence, cultural awareness, and the ability to create memorable moments by connecting with the local people.

Course Highlights

  • Enhance your travel experience by communicating effectively with locals, making your journey more enjoyable and memorable
  • Immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, and flavours of German-speaking regions, creating a deeper connection with your travel destinations
  • Be prepared for any situation, from asking for directions to ordering food, and ensure your safety and comfort throughout your travels

Learning outcomes

By the end of the German Course: Language for Travel, you should have:

  • gained the confidence to engage in basic conversations, ask for directions, order food, and make simple inquiries in German
  • developed cultural sensitivity, allowing you to respect local customs and traditions while interacting with German-speaking locals
  • acquired the skills to navigate public transportation, ask for assistance, and explore cities and countryside with ease
  • learned essential German phrases for emergencies, ensuring your safety and well-being during your travels

Course content

This German for Travel Course covers

Essential Travel Phrases

  • Greetings and Introductions: Master basic greetings and introduce yourself politely
  • Numbers and Money: Learn to count, express prices, and make currency exchanges
  • Transportation: Navigate public transportation systems, buy tickets, and ask for directions
  • Dining Out: Order food, specify dietary preferences, and pay in restaurants

Cultural Insights and Practical Scenarios

  • Cultural Customs: Understand cultural nuances, tipping etiquette, and respectful behaviour in German-speaking countries
  • Shopping: Bargain and make purchases confidently, including negotiating prices and sizes
  • Emergencies and Health: Handle unforeseen situations by expressing emergencies and health concerns to locals or authorities

Role-Playing Exercises: Apply your language skills in real-life travel scenarios.

Intended audience

This German Course: Language for Travel is ideal for

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Anyone who is planning to explore Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or any German-speaking region
  • Adventure Seekers: Those eager to venture off the beaten path, explore local culture, and connect with residents
  • Business Travelers: Professionals embarking on work-related trips to German-speaking countries
  • Language Learners: Language enthusiasts eager to apply their skills in practical travel situations.


  • No prior learning experience required


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Sydney Community College

2A Gordon Street, Rozelle, NSW 2039

Online via Zoom

  • Zoom details will be emailed to you with your enrolment confirmation.
  • Requirement: A device and stable internet connection.

Course materials

Please bring to class

  • Notebook and pen

Certificate of completion

Achievement Recognition

Upon successfully completing the course with at least 80% attendance, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment and effort in mastering the German language. It can be a valuable addition to your resume, showcasing your dedication to personal and professional growth.

Additional information

  • Course delivery: Face to Face in our Rozelle classroom or online via Zoom.
  • Certificate: A certificate of completion will be provided to students who successfully finish the course.
  • Enrol in 3 German language courses and get automatically 15% off!

An overview of our German language program

Level Course name Description Pre-requisite
Level 1 German Course: Beginner German Start learning German with us and get the assistance and structure you need to succeed. No prior experience required
Optional German Course: Language for Travel The perfect course for those planning to visit Germany. Learn to confidently navigate travel situations, connect with locals, and immerse yourself in the German culture. No prior experience required
Level 2 German Course: Elementary German Build on your acquired language skills in this course with this interactive course. 20+ hours of prior language learning
Optional German Course: Communication Skills Designed for students who have completed our German Course: Elementary German ,this course is aimed at boosting your ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations using the German language. 40+ hours of prior language learning
Optional German Course: German Grammar Master the German grammar and achieve greater proficiency in speaking, writing and comprehending the German language. 40+ hours of prior language learning
Level 3 German Course: Pre-Intermediate German Take your German language skills to the next level and achieve a deeper level of fluency. 40+ hours of prior language learning
Level 4 German Course for Intermediate to Continuers An ongoing course that provides an unique opportunity for continuous German learning and skill refinement 60+ hours of prior language learning

If you're uncertain about meeting the requirements or if this course matches your language proficiency, reach out to the College via phone or email. Our team can help you find the right course level for your skills.

Course tutors

Holding two Masters Degrees, Michaela is a highly qualified language teacher. She conducts German lessons in Sydney for adults and children, ranging from a beginners to an advanced level. ...

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German Course: Language for Travel

<p>Improve your work skills by learning to speak German through our <a href="">German language short courses</a>, available both

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Enrol in 3 German language courses and get automatically 15% off!

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for German Course: Language for Travel

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for German Course: Language for Travel