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Learn beginners Cantonese Cantonese classes in Sydney.

Our Cantonese course in Sydney will teach you the basics of the culturally rich Cantonese language. These beginners Cantonese lessons will introduce you to the Cantonese language and teach you how to communicate in Cantonese with simple vocabulary and basic sentences. You will be able to communicate in day to day situations and have some small talk.

Cantonese is the language of Hong Kong and southern mainland China. It is a tonal language, so these Cantonese classes will focus on how to recognise the different tones that can change the meaning of words and sounds.

Additionally, our Cantonese lessons will teach you common characters of the written language and help you gain a better understanding of the Cantonese culture.

With options for learning Cantonese online or in person, our Cantonese course will provide you with important language skills that will have you on your way to mastering the basics!

Please note that we currently offer two types of Cantonese classes – classroom and live online via zoom platform! The online class is a live and interactive but modified online version of the face-to-face class previously offered by the College. Some outcomes may not be achieved. The length of the session has also been adjusted.


By the end of these Cantonese classes, you will be able to:

  • recognise the different tones and understand their meaning
  • speak clearly and be understood in a limited way on some practical everyday matters
  • understand basic grammar such as sentence structure, gender of nouns, singular and plural forms, etc.
  • read and write simple character related to the topics above
  • understand the culture and its practices

Ideal for

Our Cantonese lessons are ideal for:

  • Students with no previous learning in Cantonese
  • Students wanting options for learning Cantonese online or in-person
  • Students wanting to brush up on their basic Cantonese skills

Course content


  • Greetings and introducing oneself
  • Ask and respond to simple questions
  • Shopping
  • Hobbies and daily routines
  • Season, time and days of the week
  • Family members and relationships
  • Cultural practices and taboos
  • Basic language principles


  • Pronunciation
  • Recognising tones
  • Sentence structure
  • Gender
  • Formal and familiar speech


Please purchase the course textbook – which is used for the Cantonese beginners and level 2 course.

Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners (the version of 2010 and after)
ISBN: 978-113-895-822-7

You can purchase the textbook from Abbeys Bookstore (131 York Street, Sydney). It is close to the CBD campus and offers.

We recommend purchasing your textbook after your Cantonese course has been confirmed (usually within three working days of the proposed start). The textbook is not included in the enrolment fee. If you would like to inquire about the current price, please call Abbeys Bookstore on (02) 9264 3111

Please bring to class

  • Textbook
  • Notebook and pen


Rozelle Campus, corner of Gordon St & Victoria Rd, Rozelle (in the grounds of St. Joseph’s Church). If driving, no entry into Gordon Street from Victoria Road. Last block on your right before Victoria Road. Pedestrian access is opposite Prince Street.

Other information

  • Enrol now in our beginners and level 2 Cantonese lessons, and save 10%. Use our promotion code ‘GROUP10’ at the checkout. Please visit our concessions and discounts page for more information.


Learn Cantonese for Beginners

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$199 Limited inc GST / $159.20 / $179.10
This class will be delivered live online via Zoom!

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

Course testimonials:

  • said: I loved the interactions with fellow students and the noticeable progression we all made over the 8 weeks. 5 Stars!

  • said: Josephine did a great job keeping the class moving, and students motivated. Our last two classes were on-line due to COVID-19. She adjusted very well to this new way of teaching. Well done Josephine!

  • said: I thought that Josephine went above and beyond making sure we get out of our comfort zone and speak loudly and confidently and listen as much as possible. She also brought additional materials to help us learn which was very helpful

  • said: Great class and tutor. Thanks.

  • said: Very interesting and engaging class would recommend to anyone looking to learn Cantonese

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