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All that glitters isn't gold

Sydney Community College Blog | on 19 July 2019 There's silver as well! Silver linings, silver spoons, silver fox, silver tail. To silver is even an Olympic verb, as they say, “I silvered in Rio” (Ok, this means to come second - but at the highest place you possibly could!) And then there’s silver the shiny stuff. They say the ancient Egyptians valued it above gold. It’s also the most conductive metal we know, and it’s been used for cloud seeding to make rain… which brings us back to those silver linings. So here’s to silver and its many uses – not least of all as a very fine way to make sparkle. You can even learn how to “bling” your own! Our silver jewellery studio in Rozelle has seen many a sparkly project – from beginners just starting on the jewellery making basics, to the weekly studio group that gathers to work on more advanced techniques. The classes have seen adults of all ages and backgrounds, attracted to a creative pursuit away from the screens to work with their hands in fine detail, soldering and forming with metals. We’ve seen couples and besties attend together to collaborate on the most special of rings. And new friendships form as students gather to learn new skills, creative expression and problem-solving.

Two people making silver jewellery
Anne, James and Margaret - regulars at our weekly studio session – say they enjoy the opportunity to work together with a teacher to develop their skills and use the tools. “It’s a chance to commit the time”, says Margaret, “it's a lovely space” (that’s James), while Anne who lives in an apartment, appreciates the “opportunity to use the workshop without investing in all the equipment”.

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