How to Log In to SkillsOnCourse - Sydney Community College

How to Log In to SkillsOnCourse

What is SkillsOnCourse?

SkillsOnCourse is a student portal that allows students to access resources and information about any courses they have enrolled in. Every student is signed up to SkillsOnCourse upon enrolling in a course with Sydney Community College, and we recommend that students use the portal.

Where can you find the SkillsOnCourse portal?

You can locate the link to the SkillsOnCourse portal as shown in the image below:


Alternatively, you can follow this link.

How do you sign up to the SkillsOnCourse portal?

1. Fill out your details


2. Click 'Forgot Password'.


3. Go to your email inbox, locate the Password Reset email from SkillsOnCourse, and click on the link in the email.


4. Create a new password for your SkillsOnCourse account.


How do you log in to the SkillsOnCourse portal after signing up?

To log in to the SkillsOnCourse portal, please fill in your details and use the password you have set.