RTO Policy - Computer and Internet Use

The Sydney Community College allows for firewall restricted access to the Internet by all employees and students. Firewalls including a proxy server have been installed in the College office. This has allowed for a high level of reporting on a terminal-by-terminal basis. It is now possible to gather daily, weekly or monthly reports on Internet usage, including time spent on-line and exact sites visited. Appropriate use is as follows:


  • As a research tool for college related activities.
  • As a research tool for personal activities in line with Reasonable Use below.


  • As a method of communicating on matters directly related to the College.
  • As a method of communicating with friends and family in line with Reasonable Use below.

Inappropriate use

  • As a tool for viewing sexually explicit or pornographic media.
  • As a tool for viewing material which would cause the viewer to be in breach of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • As a tool for downloading material that would cause the user to be in breach of copyright laws both within Australia and as they apply Internationally.
  • As a tool for up-loading and downloading files that breach the College’s corporate integrity.

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