Growth and Development - Sydney Community College

Growth and Development

    1. Growth and Development Subcommittee
        1. Purpose:

The Promotions and Growth Committee is focused on expanding the College’s reach, enhancing its brand, and fostering sustainable growth. 
This committee works to increase enrolment, improve market presence, and identify new opportunities for development.

        1.  Key Responsibilities: 

1\. Marketing and Branding:
Develop and oversee the implementation of marketing strategies to enhance the College’s visibility and reputation.  
Ensure consistent and effective branding across all communications and marketing materials.  
Monitor market trends and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. 
2\. Enrolment Growth:  
Develop strategies to increase student enrolment and retention.  
Identify and target new demographics and markets for potential growth.  
Collaborate with teaching staff to promote new and existing programs. 
3\. Partnership Development:
Identify and establish partnerships with like-minded organisations, government agencies, and community groups.  
Foster relationships that can provide new opportunities for program development and student engagement.  
Leverage partnerships to enhance the College’s offerings and reach. 
4\. Innovation and Development:
Explore and promote innovative educational programs and delivery methods.  
Identify and develop new revenue streams and funding opportunities.  
Ensure that growth initiatives align with the College’s mission and strategic goals. 
Meeting Frequency:
Monthly, with additional meetings as required. 
Membership:  Comprised of Board Members with expertise in marketing, growth strategy, and community engagement plus operational staff and external non-Board advisors.