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    Of course you can learn how to swim like a fish with our adult swimming lessons, part of our sport & fitness short course program in Sydney.

    Would you like to learn how to swim? Or are you tired of being slow and having to rest every few metres? Our adult swimming lessons may be what you are looking for.

    Join our popular swimming lessons in Sydney. Learn to float, kick with a board, swim freestyle with correct breathing techniques, and become aware of deep-water safety.

    Our instructors will analyse and give advice on your technique and instruct how to correct it by using drills that will improve your style as well as help you increase your fitness and endurance.

    As a not-for-profit education provider with 30 years of experience in adult education, we offer high-quality courses, workshops and studios to help you gain new knowledge and skills you can put into practice right away.

    Which swimming lessons are you interested in?

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    Learn to develop your swimming strokes with our adult swimming lessons in Sydney! Tired of being a slow swimmer? You can improve your swimming technique with professional guidance, practice and consistency. Our swimming coaches will analyse your technique, develop drills and sets which focus on correcting your stroke. In these Swimming Stroke Development lessons, you'll learn how to improve your swimming technique to gain greater efficiency and increased swimming performance....

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    Learn to swim with our adult swimming lessons in Sydney! Join one of Sydney's leading adult swimming schools with Sydney Community College. Learn to swim with adults of similar ability as you gain confidence, improve your swimming style, and enjoy being in the water. With a focus on small groups and skill development, our adults learn to swim lessons cater to various levels of competency, from those who are unfamiliar with water and cannot swim freestyle at all, to those who have...

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