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Corporate Training Courses

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    Many companies, local government bodies and state government departments have chosen Sydney Community College to assist with their training needs. We are able to connect with experts in every field to deliver quality training experiences.

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    At Sydney Community College we offer on-site & online training, professional development, and fun workshops to suit your workplace needs. From small groups to larger presentations, we can assist your team to learn and develop.

    We are able to specially customise any of our extensive range of courses just for you or develop specific training and events suited to your needs.

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    Who are we?

    Sydney Community College is a registered charity and Registered Training Organisation with a mission to offer innovative continuing adult education and training programmes that support individual efforts, business development and facilitate sustainable social and organisational change.

    We do this by:

    • Providing continuing adult education and training opportunities for people to build practical and theoretical skills and develop knowledge.
    • Leveraging from and developing community capacity and inclusivity.
    • Developing and delivering innovative affordable and accessible skills training programmes.
    • Partnering with organisations and government to deliver learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities.
    • Supporting government and business to deliver policy and organisational objectives.

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    Improve your work skills by learning to use Microsoft Word with our Microsoft Office training courses online & in Sydney. On this Microsoft Word course in Sydney, you will learn to produce and share professional documents, confidently layout publications, tables, pictures and other graphics, or create indexes and mail merges. Taking advantage of advanced features like forms and fields, you will track changes, protect documents and write macros to automate your documents. With...

    Learn more about Microsoft Word Course: Level 1
    Microsoft Word Course: Level 1

    <p>Improve your work skills by learning to use Microsoft Word with our <a href="">Microsoft Office training

    $399 Limited GST free / $319.20 / $339.20 / $359.10
    Sign up for 3 Microsoft courses and get 15% off!

    Improve your customer service skills with our corporate training courses in Sydney! The Customer Service Excellence course aims to build on a participant's existing customer service knowledge and experience by including specific case studies relevant to your industry and organisation and applying these tools to understand different customer types and how to deal with an array of situations in face-to-face and telephone interactions. Learning outcomes By the end of this customer...

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    Get to know yourself and step into the world of social science with this practical psychology short course, as part of our psychology short courses in Sydney. Ever wondered why you click with some people but not others? Or why your kids are so different from one another? Have you found that some jobs drain you even though you’re capable of completing them? Is there a person that you want to be but you are held back by something deeper? These are the sorts of questions that our...

    Learn more about Practical Psychology Course for Beginners

    Improve your work skills by learning UX design online with our web design short courses in Sydney! User experience (UX) design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, function and interaction between the customer and the product. It plays an important part in product creation. Are you interested in learning about User Experience (UX) Design and how you can enhance your career with these skills? Our UX design course is suitable for...

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    Improve your work skills by learning to use Microsoft PowerPoint with our comprehensive Microsoft Office training courses in Sydney! Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to presentation software. It is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and is the most common slideshow program used globally. If you would like to learn how to create engaging presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint in Sydney, then this course is for you. This beginner’s PowerPoint course aims to give the new user a...

    Learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint Course: Level 1

    Improve your work skills by learning Power BI with our Microsoft Power BI course in Sydney. We live in a world filled with data. Data describes our present and predicts our future. Good business decisions are based on facts, not opinions. We need business intelligence data to make these decisions, however, the data must speak the language of your business. That's where Power BI (Business Intelligence) steps in. In this Microsoft Power BI training course for business users, we will...

    Learn more about Microsoft Power BI Course: Level 1

    Improve your work skills by learning to lead projects to success with our career development courses in Sydney. This project management course will provide you with adequate training to learn the fundamental skills required to be an effective project manager. Also, you will learn to apply the range of the three common project management methodologies in Australia to your specific requirements, namely PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge), PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled...

    Learn more about Project Management Course: Introduction