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Audio, Video & Photography Courses

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    Record, edit, and premiere with our audio-visual short courses in Sydney!

    Looking to capture beautiful images but can’t get your head around that shiny new camera? Want to share your ideas or humour in a podcast but can’t get the audio levels right?

    We offer practical, hands-on lessons ranging from absolute beginners to specialty technical courses. Enjoy learning from highly experienced tutors during weekly evening sessions or more compact Saturday workshops at our campus in Rozelle.

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    Learn creative light painting photography skills with our photography short courses in Sydney! Exploring light painting through cameras is an engaging and creative approach to photography. It not only adds a fun element but also provides learners with an opportunity to express their creativity. Light painting involves creating images by manipulating light, transforming the way you perceive and practice photography. This workshop delves into the practical aspects of light painting,...

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    Learn how to start a podcast with our audio short courses in Sydney! As podcasts continue to gain popularity as a form of information and entertainment, the medium is expanding to include more diverse styles and formats. One such style is cinematic podcasting, which uses the elements of storytelling, sound design, and music composition to create an immersive listening experience. This course is designed to teach you the techniques and tools necessary to create a cinematic podcast. ...

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