Music Production: Ableton Live Intermediate

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Learn how to use Ableton, with our music courses in Sydney.

Calling all beatmakers, bedroom producers, and electronic music enthusiasts! Whether looking for the work skills to build a career in music production or an enthusiast wanting to master the methods and technical aspects involved, it has never been easier to create sophisticated music with minimal equipment at low cost. Ableton Live gives you the ability to create sophisticated music with minimal equipment at a low cost. This course will take you past the basics and start to develop your sound. You’ll be able to find your style and learn the accompanying technical knowledge to take your work further. Built on the foundation of the beginners course this 5-week course will expand your knowledge of Ableton Live from the basics and take it to an intermediate level.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn advanced techniques in MIDI sequencing
  • Learn the basics of how to structure a piece of electronic music
  • Learn how to develop a distinct sound signature through customisation of instruments and sounds
  • Learn how mix and master your music properly

Ideal for

  • Anyone who has done the beginners course with the college or equivalent
  • Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Ableton and develop their sound
  • Producers with experience in other digital audio workstations who feel the beginners is below their level

Course Content

Week 1: Advanced MIDI Sequencing

  • Programming complex beats
  • Step sequencing killer melodies
  • Start organising your personal library
  • Layer elements and extract grooves from favourite tracks
  • Load third-party plugins, use MIDI effects Arp, Chords etc.

Week 2: Arrangement

  • Learn popular arrangement structures
  • Songwriting basics, hooks, verse, chorus etc
  • Transform small loops or short ideas into a full track
  • Vocal or instrument recording and editing in an arrangement
  • Advanced modulation, automation and effects (sidechaining, parallel processing)

Week 3: Sound Design Part 1

  • Learn different types of Synthesis (Subtractive, Additive, FM etc.)
  • Use a desktop synthesizer and a soft synth
  • Design your own sounds with Analog from scratch
  • Design your own sound with Operator from scratch
  • Audio and MIDI Effect Racks for sound design
  • Start developing a distinct sound signature

Week 4: Sound Design Part 2

  • Record, edit your own samples
  • Manipulate your recordings in Simpler/Sampler
  • Produce a loop from a single sample
  • Remix your favourite beats, vocals or hooks
  • Start organising and developing your own sample library

Week 5: Mixing & Mastering

  • Mixing and Mastering why, when and how?
  • Housekeeping and preparing the session or stems for mixdown
  • Intro to mixing with Eq8, Compressor, Distortion, Limiter etc.
  • How to mix your beats for presence and punch
  • Audio effects in mixing (Reverb, Delay, Stereo image)
  • Final touches and mastering to for the best dynamic balance

Materials provided

  • Dell Computers on a Windows environment

* Ableton Live 10 Suite

  • Novation Launchkey Mk 2 MIDI controller
  • Class Notes

What you need to bring

  • Please bring a pair of headphones or earphones to class
  • Course is highly technical so a basic to intermediate knowledge of computers is assumed
  • Please bring a USB if you would like to save your work but this is not imperative
  • Students may bring their own laptop to the class either Apple or PC provided they have installed a copy of Ableton Live 8, 9 or 10 (preferably 10) before attending, this can be a trial version.
  • Students may also bring their own MIDI controller provided it will fit on the desks provided, the tutor is happy to adapt the class to suit students who bring in their own gear but reserves the right to ask you to use the college facilities if technical complications affect the learning environment

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

This course has no current classes. Please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join Waitlist

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