Bring a Friend

Concessions and Discounts

We’d love you to bring a friend or two, and we encourage you to join 2 classes or more.

Great learning takes place with others, and when friends come together to learn something new, fun is an extra bonus.

So have fun! Bring a friend and we will discount both enrolments by 10%, discount code GROUP10. Bring two friends and we will discount by 15%, discount code GROUP15.

For more than two friends, make a Group Booking Enquiry and we will see what we can do for you.

Also, if you enrol in two classes we offer you 10% discount on both classes, discount code GROUP10. Enrol in 3 classes or more and save 15%, discount code GROUP15.

Get $25 off your first class.

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Concessions of 20% are available for our short courses for registered card holders in receipt of Government income benefits such as pensions and job search and study allowances. Contact our Customer Service team on 8752 7555 for more information.

Concessions of 10% are available for holders of a valid Seniors or Health Care card.

How to enrol using a concession:
  • Contact our the Customer Service team on 8752 7555 to register
  • You will need to provide suitable evidence of your entitlement, including your card number
  • You may be required to provide full identification at a later date.
When concessions do not apply:

Concessions are not given:

  • After you have enrolled in a course;
  • In conjunction with any other promotion offered by the College where the fee is already reduced;
  • If you cannot provide suitable evidence of your concessional status as outlined above.
Discretionary discounts and fee exemptions for hardship.

The College mission is to provide accessible education. With this in mind, anyone may apply for a fee reduction or exemption outside of the above policy based on serious financial hardship. Factors contributing to serious hardship generally include family tragedy, financial misfortune, serious illness, impacts of natural disaster and other serious or difficult circumstances. Applications are considered in confidence. Please contact Customer Service 8752 7555 and ask to speak with one of our Customer Service Co-ordinators.

Date policy reviewed: November 2018